D&D 5E Keith Baker Presents Closing Doors On Eberron

There's one more Eberron book coming


Keith Baker has announced that his Eberron-based publishing company will be ending production after 4 years. The company, led by Eberron creator Keith Baker, produced four incredibly popular books on the Dungeon Master's Guild--Exploring Eberron, Chronicles of Eberron, Dread Metrol, and Eberron Confidential. There is one more book planned--Frontiers of Eberron: Quickstone will be released by Visionary Production and Design who will also be continuing publication of the four existing books.

Eberron is an official D&D world, and was introduced to 5E with Eberron: Rising form the Last War in 2019.

We appreciate all the support and enthusiasm that our fans brought these past four years, and it is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that on June 30, 2023 KB Presents will be closing its doors. It has been a joy and honor to bring you our version of Eberron and we are incredibly proud of what we have created.

As we pursue new challenges and opportunities, we leave the existing works under the stewardship of Visionary Production and Design (https://twitter.com/visionarypnd). This includes the following Dungeon Masters Guild titles:

Exploring Eberron: Exploring Eberron - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild
Chronicles of Eberron: Chronicles of Eberron - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild
Dread Metrol: Dread Metrol: Into the Mists - An Eberron / Ravenloft Crossover - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild
Eberron Confidential: Eberron Confidential - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

If you would like to continue supporting the former KB Presents production team, you can find us at:

Laura Hirsbrunner, Editor: Laura Hirsbrunner
Imogen Gingell, Designer: Imogen Gingell
Wayne Chang, Producer: Adventuring Zone
Keith Baker, Lead Designer: Twogether Studios

Our final book, Frontiers of Eberron: Quickstone, is slated for release in the latter half of 2023 and will be published under Visionary. We appreciate your taking this journey with us and we look forward to our paths crossing once again.

Thank you!

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While Eberron isn't really my cup of tea, I think it's the best setting in 5th edition right now. All good things come to an end though, and I hope Keith is successful with his new endeavors.


I crit!
What are they supposed to say? That they are excited to reenvision the setting for a new audience and how everybody won?
We got lucky that Keith worked on 5e Eberron and it turned out great, but he relinquished the rights to the setting nearly 20 years ago. So it's far better for him to let go and begin again.
Maybe a simple “Thank you?”

Eberron's heyday was 3rd Edition. Like D&D itself. Sad how many things great with this game vanished after 4e and 5e came.

Don't say some things returned in 5e, they got horribly butchered like Ravenloft and Spelljammer, or weren't even settings at all, just massive adventure modules like Dragonlance. Prepare to be terribly disappointed with Planescape next.

And they can't even do Darksun 5e because WotC hates Psionics and its fans and they have to cater to the extremely loud few who would gasp at societies that have some evils as the norm. People who hate real conflict, they just want a PG version of conflict.
How was Spelljammer "butchered"? It basically only needed about 20 - 30 pages more, and it would have been great. What we got was a bit disappointing just from lack of page count, but nothing in there really went against the spirit of the setting (I guess ultra-purists might complain about replacing the Phlogiston with the Astral, but that was already a well worn house rule variant long before this set came out).


My one question is, will his Eberoon blog posts still stay up? Cuz his Spelljammer in Ebberon articles was BLOODY FANTASTIC! And I hate to see that one article go into the vapors.

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