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D&D 5E Kelios: the Prophecy

Kelios prophecy

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Did you know that a new setting for D&D 5e has been launched on Kickstarter?

KELIOS: the prophecy is an epic, fantasy, apocalyptic, mystical, ultimate, Fantageddon setting for D&D 5e.

It is heavily influenced by the ground-breaking epic fantasy works by Andrzej Sapkowski (the Witcher), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow an Bone), George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones), Sergej Luk’janenko (Night Watch), Tiziana Triana (Luna Nera).

It is a nod to the wonderful graphic novels’ world (Soleil Productions sagas) as well as at the fantasy animated television series (The Dragon Prince).

It also explores the ambivalent aspects of life and human morality, without the presumption of providing a clear-cut answer, playing around binary oppositional meta-narratives (male/female; self/other; sacred/profane; human/non-human), a cherished topic in Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces.

If I triggered your curiosity check this out kelios | Instagram, YouTube, Facebook | Linktree


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Kelios prophecy

First Post
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