Kerall defeats Kalanyr


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MidKnight watches the antics from within the tower, high above the fight. He grows concerned when the villain Kerall tries to fight dirty. As he prepares to rush to Kalanyr's aid - he stops. Nikodemus steps from the concealment of the shadows and with a single well placed move stops the villain, allowing the fight to continue without incident.

He continues to watch with interest...

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First Post
" 'You don't care'... Thank you for helping me to make my case as to why you should be stopped."

With that said, Niko bows to the fighters and the judges then steps backwards into the shadows and dissapears.

OOC: Truthfully, I didn't even check to see the ranks or the fighters involved. Someone asked for help and I gave it, also because it will probably be the last time I ever get to use that power before the reset, so why not I figured. :D


The judges pause. this is a momentous decision. Both moves are good. Both defenses are good, although Kerall's seems a bit more to the point. In the end it is Kerall's attack that is deemed best and that carries the match.

Point and Match to Kerall

Kalanyr Your most recent victory is erased and you find that you are now a Green belt 0, though your dojo still has an honorable record.

Kerall Once more thugs rally to your flag. You are a gang Boss 0, once more with the sneaky trick, but now your headquarters are located in the badlands.


Kerall has won. He stares in the void for a moment, then suddenly strides to his opponent, helps him standing up and thanks him profusely: "I am now one step farther from the end".

Then, he heads towards the plains... he has work to do there.

OOC: thanks for this very interesting fight! I'm going to sleep now... exam tomorrow.
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