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D&D General Keys from the Golden Vault look through.

I bought the bundle so I have early access to the book going to go over it a bit and give some thoughts. Spoilers ahead. You can also ask any questions you want and I will do my best to answer them.

So the book is a collection of 13 Heist Adventures that follow the four steps here
Mission Briefing. The characters are recruited to undertake a specific job. In most cases, this involves procuring an object.

Plan the Heist. The characters investigate the heist location, learn about the obstacles they need to overcome, and strategize about completing the job. Each adventure includes a way for the characters to create or obtain a map of the target location.

Execute the Heist. The characters enact their plans. Unforeseen complications often arise during this stage.

Conclude the Heist. The characters’ success determines their reward and how the story might progress beyond the main adventure.

They can be standalone and inserted into games at the DM's descension or put together in an episodic campaign.

Some DM's may want the party to have a Patron and in this case it's the Golden Vault, a secretive organization rumored to be involved with Metallic Dragons, and based in one of the Upper Planes. "The Golden Vault’s motto reflects its primary motivation: “Do good, no matter the cost.” Missions from the Golden Vault are often illegal, but they always support a just, moral cause."
Members will get extra help from their Golden Vault handler along with info and gear to help in their missions. And extra rewards for completing missions.

As the adventures are Heists complications normally arise. The Intro gives two types. The Moving Macguffin, where the object or person the party needs to find has been moved from the spot it's supposed to be. (It's advised not to do this too many times, it would be annoying for the players to learn the objects new location only to find it's been moved from there too) The other is a Rival Crew, a group racing them for the same prize. The book gives some example rival crew members, along with motives for the crew to be racing them. If a rival crew is involved the DM should decide or roll if the rivals are ahead or behind the party in pursuit of the objective, along with showing evidence of their presence.

There are thirteen adventures and with two exceptions they are all setting agnostic.

The Murkmire Malevolence
The first adventure involves stealing an object called the Murkmire Stone from a museum. A researcher has discovered the stone is actually the soon to be hatching egg of a horrible eldritch beast. But she was not believed and her own attempt to steal it failed and so she hires the party to steal it so she can neutralize it before it hatches and hurts people. Along with a hand drawn map the party will be able to go to a Gala to scout out the Museum and investigate the various security measures.

The Stygian Gambit
The party is given the task of stealing from Nine Hells themed Casino. The employer is a former partner of the casino's owner, whom was robbed by the owner after years of supposed friendship. There are two objectives to the theft one is the theft of a Golden Statue that is intended to be first prize in a card game tournament. Stolen before the tournament ends, as the employer only wants the owner to be a victim not some random gambler, and it's theft will embarrass him. The other objective is stealing five thousand gold as that was the amount the owner stolen.

Reach for the Stars
The party is tasked with stealing back a stolen book called the Celestial Codex from a mansion. The thief is a friend of the employer who does not know why he stole it but he had already sent in a another group to get it back who perished in the attempt. The party will be confronted by the spirits of the dead adventurers, who can give them info about the mansion and the horrors within.

Prisoner 13
This adventure is free on D&D Beyond.

Tockworth's Clockworks
A small Deep Gnome town has been taken over by constructs at the behest of their insane creator and Security Overseer Tixie Tockworth. The mayor wants the party to infiltrate the town and activate the failsafe to shut down the Clockworks, and also deal with Tockworth.

Masterpiece Imbroglio
A group of sages purchased a portrait that has now been stolen by a thieves guild. With the help of one of the captured thieves the sages know the location and more or less the layout of the guildhouse, and so want the party to sneak into it and steal the portrait back.

Axe from the Grave
A dead bard has returned from the grave, and has the neighborhood spooked. The bard was buried with his magical mandolin Golden Axe but Grave Robbers stole it, which caused his return. The Bard wants it back so he can be laid to rest again. The grave robbers themselves work for a Musical Teacher named Sythian with a large conservatory, where he teaches the wealthy about music. He intends to give the mandolin to one of his wealthiest students for the financial support. Sythian is secretly a worshipper of Graz'zt and has several demons in his home, which will make getting the mandolin back harder.

Vidorant's Vault
A former partner of a master thief wants the party to infiltrate his former partner's vault and steal a diadem that belonged to his family, success will result in the party gaining membership in his society of master thieves.

Shard of the Accused
A reverse heist were the party has to return a cursed magical item to a tomb, but the tomb is now controlled by a powerful criminal group.

Heart of Ashes
An evil wizard has enacted a ritual on a castle creating a void above it that is turning the surrounding area to ash and absorbing the souls of those who die, while trapping those who were born in the area inside. The ritual is fueled by the still living heart of the king, but him and his subjects have turned into horrible ash creatures to defend the castle, a knight who was not there when the ritual started hires the characters to steal the heart and stop the ritual.

Affair on the Concordant Express
A prisoner is being delivered by a plane traveling train to Mechanus for sentencing. The characters are hired to find out the true names of several powerful fiends this prisoner knows and are given tickets to board the train so they can extract that info from him. This adventure is unique in that the DM can decide how long it is and what contents are in it by swapping out train cars and how many of them there are.

Party at Paliset Hall
The party are requested at a Gala in the Feywild by the husband of the host to steal a magic item in her possession he believes is magically influencing his wife. But not all is as it seems.

Fire and Darkness
An Efreet Warlord has obtained the Book of Vile Darkness and intends to do bad things with it. The party are tasked with infiltrating the fortress and stealing the Book. But the Efreeti has many powerful creatures in his service. Also his fortress is scary.
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Thanks @MonsterEnvy and @Zaukrie. I would like to know more about the Golden Vault organization itself. How much detail does the book go into on the organization?

Also, are the adventures all quite short -- like 1-2 sessions in length -- or are some longer than others? I've been thinking about adding some of these into my upcoming Strixhaven + Candlekeep + Radiant Citadel + misc episodic campaign.


New Publisher
Bummer. I was hoping the DM at least would get to know more.
Ya, unless there is info in some of the adventures, you learn almost nothing. It MIGHT be a good DMSguild product to lay out some detail.....but I'm not sure. Certainly easier than creating all the maps for sale. LOTS of BIG maps, which means I maybe need a new idea for a product....

Thanks @MonsterEnvy and @Zaukrie. I would like to know more about the Golden Vault organization itself. How much detail does the book go into on the organization?

Also, are the adventures all quite short -- like 1-2 sessions in length -- or are some longer than others? I've been thinking about adding some of these into my upcoming Strixhaven + Candlekeep + Radiant Citadel + misc episodic campaign.
Org is super secretive, handlers don’t know more than a few fellow agents, and missions come from keys delivered by hired messengers rather than members of the group.

Lots of the adventures could vary in length, I can’t yet judge them.

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