Khyber Crawler As Played By My Kids

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Piratecat said:
I think it's incredibly cool that you're doing this. How easily did the kids take to the game?

The concepts they understand but which die to use and when is hard for them. Especially since the d8 and d10 look so much alike to them.

I am currently preparing to play some more with them. Both are behind me at this moment. Cathy is trying to read the message and Tim is trying to find out what figures and thus what creatures they will face soon.

Cathy enjoys the roleplaying aspect though it is geared towards things that interest her. She really wants a unicorn for a "pet" while Tim enjoys the action and imagination of the adventure itself.

So I have to go the kids are begging and need to take their baths soon for school tommorrow. Gotta go and be the good dad and DM.

“And Away We Go!”

There is a countdown in dwarven and suddenly there is a click and the craft “grumbles” then shakes. There is a sudden surge as the craft picks up speed going down the hillside. I ask who was seat-belted. Wisely each say he / she / it are.

From an observation tower, Kim Elderich watches the craft race down the hill. He is distracted as he pressing business (as do all filthy rich dwarves) to do that involves locating and assembling the CREATION SCHEMA.

The craft streaks into the tunnel and the lighting inside dims as the filtered daylight goes away.

DM NOTE- I mixed the events of The Core with the movie Contact to describe this to the kids. Their eyes were wide and their mouths open. Neat.

The grumbling sound drastically increases and the craft begins to slow down as the phasing effect begins. Soon the entire ship disappears into the ground. Kim Elderich and Ore leave now. They are looking to join Rush Late-A-Lot on their trip to gather Huge Fire Elementals to power their other incredible ship- The Siberys Heir. (See CREATION SCHEMA)

After I ask what each player / character wants to do, Cathy goes to the front pilot’s station. She looks at the green mica, which seems to have light gray images but nothing that stands out. The pilot hands her a spare set of goggles and she sees something entirely different. The images now are in color and give depth of about thirty feet. Different layers of earth can be seen and the few rocks there that they push aside or go around. Cathy is so excited by this she goes back to tell the others. Stab staggers down to the station and motions for the goggles. The pilot looks at him and hesitates before giving them over. If a warforged could smile Stab would be grinning from ear node to ear node.

He watches the layers go by and the rocks. He hands the goggles back to Cathy to tell Fixit about it. The Artificer is annoyed. He wanted to see next. Cathy already has darned it!

Cathy suddenly yells. She sees the bones of a large creature with long and sharp teeth! (a fossil of a T-Rex)

“A Dracolich!” lets out Tim totally amazed I would use that against them without the figure that comes out on his B-Day (Due 7/7/06….B-day 7/8/06 and what does he want…..)

I try to explain the difference between what his character would know and what Timmy the player would know. “But it’s a Dracolich!” he stammers without listens much. Not taking the time to explain further I describe how the craft moves towards it and it is very close then….. nothing.

“Nothing?” asks Timmy now really and completely confused but with his dopey smile he puts on when trying to be a ham.

“I get it!” exclaims Cathy. “It was a fossil! But why didn’t we hit it?” Still doesn’t understand the different between phase and move through. That’s okay.

Twenty minutes go by and the kids sit back at their stations. Three hours go by then the pilots call out- There is something ahead!


“You are using THAT against us?!?”

“Oh Tim- just drop it!” Gotta love sibling love


First Post
Kids In Game

I let my two boys (ones 8 and the other is 11) sit in and play occasionally with our group when we are short players. They absolutely love it. I keep meaning to design an adventure just for them (and my wife who also games with us on weekends), but time has put this idea way on the back burner for me.

I think its great that you are helping to expand the imagination of your kids in this way. I know mine constantly bring stuff up from the games they remember and half the time its stuff I had completely forgotten myself!


“Underground Passageways”

Stab takes points and exits the Crawler. The craft has entered a series of crafted tunnels and hallways deep below the ground. This is exactly what the people wanted to find thinks Cathy. Stab has his shield lit to glow like a torch and walks forward. Behind him is Cathy and then the scientists followed by the two dwarves.

Hearing something in the passageway ahead of them, Stab runs forward into a room with several statues and two exits. “Nothing here.” He says. With that a choker strikes from behind a statue. Stab is unable to pull free but stretches the aberration out so that when Cathy walks up to it with her sword it is an easy hit.

The scientists look over the body and collect it. Stab is very pleased with himself for “capturing” the creature and Cathy at defeating it with one blow.

Here we stop since I need to get ready for work. I’m not sure when we’ll play next.

“Fire Magmin”

Though I set aside 3 hours to play we put in Dragon Slayer in the DVD player and well … got sidetracked. This is what we did do in the brief time we played-

“I want to go down this hallway.” Says Stab looking straight ahead. “No this way. You ALWAYS get to choice. I want to go this way.” Says Cathy. They split as Cathy goes one way and Stab straight. The other four walk as far as where Cathy split off and wait uncertain what to do and still happy about the rubbery creature they caught.

Cathy finds nothing and rejoins the group. Stab enters a room and says “Any Dire Rats or Diseased Dire rats here?” (the stinker looked into my creature box) No. “Darn it.”

Stab moves into the next room and finds nothing here but hears something coming ahead. He runs ahead of the group to check it out. He sees a glowing light ahead of him around a corner. “Small Fire Elemental.” He says.

“Wrong. Something else.” And I move my Fire Magmin only the table.

Stab attacks but misses. Cathy moves up to attack but can not reach the small fiery creature. The dwarven artificer powers up the clerics armor and he moves up to attack. The creature tries to strike Stab but can not. The others hit it but barely and its DR makes these strikes mean little. Next the creature uses its BW on the group which angers Stab (Timmy) because he thought ONLY dragons had breath weapons.

Soon enough they defeat the creature and it is time to go to work. Not much of a session but its more than we have gotten in during the past three months.

I was hoping to do a bunch with this during their holiday break but the kids have discovered my Heroclix. All they want to do is play Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Venom and Doctor Doom.

So, we must wait yet another few weeks or months for an update. At that point we will be starting on the surface since that is where they were going with the next session.

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