Knave 2 from Ben of Questing Beast. Update: Backerkit store is open.

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The pricing tier on Knave 2e is a step below Shadowdark, so it will be more difficult for it to get to $1M. He'll need many more backers.

quick comparison:

SD - $30
Knave - $20

Digital Complete
SD - $55
Knave - $40

Physical + Digital
SD - $59
Knave - $35

Physical + Digital Complete
SD - $109
Knave - $80

Highest Tier
SD - $249
Knave - $195

Stretch Goals and KS exclusives
SD - lots
Knave - none

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I feel like a wager is in order. Ben put 7 years into that youtube channel, and that is soul sucking, I feel like he will get enough support to get to the 1M.
Lol if I had seen this yesterday I may have bet, but at this point, $331k after 24h, I probably will bow out.

On another topic - it's a pretty fun thing on Kickstarter of a popular crowdfund and watch the numbers increase on the page as people back. Enjoying that on Knave right now 🍿 🎉 :D

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