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General [Kobold Press] A Kobold Comes Home: Industry veteran Amanda Hamon

Marc Radle

Welcome back Industry veteran Amanda Hamon !!!

Kobold Press welcomes Amanda Hamon as the new Editorial Director for Kobold Press.

Amanda is an ENnie Award–winning tabletop game writer, designer, developer, and editor. For the past five years, she's held a variety of roles at Paizo, publisher of the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs. Most recently, Amanda co-created and was Managing Developer for the Starfinder RPG and its lines of gaming books and products.

Some might remember that Amanda worked with Kobold Press before going to Paizo. Back in 2013, she edited and developed hardcovers like Midgard Legends, Deep Magic for Pathfinder and Southlands.

As Editorial Director, Amanda will be leading the charge on Kobold Press’s publishing operations, including helping shepherd our Kickstarter projects and the monthly Warlock Lairs offerings, plus looking ahead to the future schedule. Soon she will also be running a 5E actual-play stream set in Midgard!

Welcome Amanda!!!

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