[Kobold Press] Black Flag Friday

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I crit!
Just went to demiplane and clicked on "what's new".....April, 2022 is the last entry.

Do they update the tools that often :)

Anyone use this yet for anything, or is it largely beta still?

My players and I couldn't make a PC w/o a tool at this point.....(exaggeration, but still).
The character sheet is in beta, I think.


New Publisher
They have more frequent updates in their forums: Latest News & Announcements. As far as I can tell, the Pathfinder Nexus/space is the most advanced one (I'm personally still waiting for them to get to Vaesen and Forbidden Lands in the Freeleague Nexus, so I haven't really tried it out in practice).
I get that....but really, update your site or delete the page. Just awful business practice that makes one wonder about their attention to detail.....and if you've visited my site, I get the irony of this post, but I'm not a business with multiple employees.....


I crit!
I've considered spending more time with Shard, as we only play 5e......but I'm so invested in Foundry at this point.....

I understand the cost to the companies, but having to buy licenses for every tool is a bummer if you want to switch tools.
Absolutely get that.

I have hopes that a pdf importer like what Roll20 is working on becomes standard.

Kobold is also suggesting a monster book for Black Flag is in the works. Not sure how I feel about that after buying all their 5E monster books.

"Race & Heritage System: Not every dwarf was raised among dwarves, so we’ve split those aspects to help refine character concept. During character creation, choose a race, which represents a character’s biology, and a heritage to represent upbringing in a particular group or society. Choose a standard match of race and heritage for a more traditional character or mix ‘n’ match to craft a unique origin!"

What a good idea! :D
Captain Carrot!!!


In general, this sounds great, and I'm looking forward to the playtest.

However, I see some ugly stuff in the comments on that page, and I want Kobold Press to be clear on one thing: if y'all put out a core rulebook which uses the terminology of "Race" in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty-Three: No Sale. Period.

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