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Black Flag [Kobold Press] Black Flag Friday

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Is it no longer an open secret that Demiplane plans to be a vtt?
The announcement mentions "VTT and Digital Tool partners". I assumed Demiplane will fall into the latter category (at least my impression so far was that they will be something like D&D Beyond for other systems rather than an actual VTT).

Greg K

If i recall, correctly, Rich Howard works for Kobold Press. I hope hertiages (at least for humans) in Project Black Flag will be handled similiar to the article he posted on his website which involved choosing from different environments (e.g. arctic, coast, desert, forests, grasslands, jungle, mountains, swamp) or a type of cultural state (i.e. martial, political, or theocracy).


New Publisher
Just went to demiplane and clicked on "what's new".....April, 2022 is the last entry.

Do they update the tools that often :)

Anyone use this yet for anything, or is it largely beta still?

My players and I couldn't make a PC w/o a tool at this point.....(exaggeration, but still).

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