[Kobold Press] Black Flag Friday


The changed the word to Lineage
Yup just saw that myself.

Oh, thank goodness: I'm so glad that's out of the way even before the playtest gets going. It would have been such an unnecessary own goal. I'm really looking forward to the Kobold Press twists here.

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Anon Adderlan

Trouble is, most gamers want long, detailed, and crunchy sets of options for everything.
I suspect it has to do with perceived agency, in that explicit rules establish what a character can and cannot do without having to clarify such with the GM or even other players before taking action. And it's a design issue I still think is direly under evaluated.

The changed the word to Lineage

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
While I have no doubt they'll change the name, I don't think it'll do anything to change either the systemic issues or biological essentialism.

A) But it might. And given the cost (a minor tweak to my hobby about elves and dragons) vs the potential benefit (alleviation of one of the most corrosive problems facing society) it’s a good investment.

B) That aside, it demonstrates to a vast swath of people suffering the effects of systemic racism that we want them in our hobby.

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