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Black Flag [Kobold Press] Black Flag Friday

Kobold is also suggesting a monster book for Black Flag is in the works. Not sure how I feel about that after buying all their 5E monster books.

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"Race & Heritage System: Not every dwarf was raised among dwarves, so we’ve split those aspects to help refine character concept. During character creation, choose a race, which represents a character’s biology, and a heritage to represent upbringing in a particular group or society. Choose a standard match of race and heritage for a more traditional character or mix ‘n’ match to craft a unique origin!"

What a good idea! :D
Captain Carrot!!!


In general, this sounds great, and I'm looking forward to the playtest.

However, I see some ugly stuff in the comments on that page, and I want Kobold Press to be clear on one thing: if y'all put out a core rulebook which uses the terminology of "Race" in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty-Three: No Sale. Period.

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