Black Flag [KOBOLD PRESS] Tales of the Valiant KS is Live!

Marc Radle

Tales of the Valiant KS is Live!

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It's funny. I initially only followed the news about this as a sign of solidarity during the OGL debacle. In fact, I even withdrew from the newsletter after the first playtest packet came out, as I didn't feel that my support was needed any longer.

However, once playtest packet #2 came out, and I read some developer blogs, I got excited and thought, "Wow! This actually might fix a lot of the issues that I have with 5e D&D!". I ended up resubscribing and backing. snagging one of the limited edition runs, and convincing a good friend to do the same.

I've never purchased a Kobold Press product before, and I've been buying RPGs since the early '90s. You all have won a new customer with me.

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