D&D 5E [Kobold Press] Tome of Heroes Kickstarter LIVE!

Glad to have you on board!!
The Gunslinger sub class is officially in the book, and we are only about $200 away from seeing the Gun Mage added!!
Spread the word!!! :)

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Less than 48 hours left in the Kickstarter!
Backers have now unlocked the gunslinger & gunmage subclasses!

$329,093 pledged so far
5,888 backers and still going
30 Stretch Goals added to this awesome book!

Gun Mage Gunslinger Update.jpg

2 New Stretch Goals added!
Hirelings & Services
and Gunpowder Domain are now in the book!

Next up Orcish Weapons & Gear and Trinkets Table ...

Final 24 Hours.jpg

The end of this Kickstarter is steadily moving toward us! Over the course of this campaign, we've unlocked 32 stretch goals, including 8 new subraces, 16 new subclasses, 12 new backgrounds, downtime rules for managing a manor or trading company, 2 bonus PDFs, rules for hirelings and services, and new elf, dwarf, clockwork, and orc-themed weapons and gear.

Even new rules for gunpowder and firearms along with three new gunpowder and firearm-themed subclasses!

We have more stretch goals in our sights - can we add them to the book before the end?!


I don't think there will be anything for the white necromancer in this book, but (as the creator of the class) I agree 100% that the white necromancer should get more attention.

(In fact, I'm slowly but surely working on just such a thing ... but I'm not ready to discuss more at this time.)

Back to the Tome of Heroes:
$165,591 pledged and climbing
2,852 backers so far
25 days to go!
@Marc Radle. Is this current Kickstarter the project with more attention for the white necromancer?

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