D&D 5E Kobolds are also from the Feywild now?

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I feel like we're starting to run out of people who are native to the Prime. What is it, just humans, dwarves and halflings now?
Considering kender are halfling-adjacent, and they're talking about tying kender to the Feywild, I wouldn't rule out halflings being linked as well.

That said, dragonborn also appear to be strictly tied to the Material Plane. Orcs/half-orcs as well.


Eh I'll just keep Kobolds as mini dragons/related to them in my 5E games.

Also, when can everything start coming from the Shadowfell? I'm sure we filled the "Positive Energy" aspect of stuff via the Feywild, bring on the Shadowsfell races.

Like the Gnomes, Dragonborn, and Volo.


I think kobolds should make heavy use of cobalt in their culture, since the element is named after them.
My kobolds in Twilight Fables (5e supplement) do just that.
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I'm going to hope it's a Dragon+ specific screwup. However defensible making kobolds fey might be on its own, it's a good idea to maximize story distance between kobolds and goblins to avoid a relapse into the situation where many writers for the game had a hard time keeping them straight.


DM: So, the evil wizard casts "Hold Person" on your Kobold Fighter an-

Player: Doesn't work.

DM: Confused look?

Player: According to Crawford, Kobolds are from the Feywild, and that makes them Fae. Therefore, that spell is useless.

DM: That's not............that's not how that works. That's not how ANY of this works. gets shot by Crawford who appears from underneath the table.

Player: Thanks Jeremy.

Crawford: No problem player. hears the DM's mom's footsteps approaching the room. You should really dispose of that body.

Player: O___O

The Mother as the door starts opening up: Timmy, are you and your brother enjoying your new TTRPG?
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I think at this point a fresh explanation of what 5e’s “Feywild” is is in order, just so people can set appropriate expectations.

I mean, I’m perfectly willing to accept “Feywild origins” as not equal to “fey”, that the plane called Feywild even has its own population of dragons-that-are-not-fey and all that.

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