L4W Discussion Thread V


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And I only kill because I love. I believe that the strongest steel comes from the hottest flames. Besides, I haven't killed anyone in like months....

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Snark is my vice, I admit. r1 kills PCs and I snark. Because I love.

FWIW: Unarmored Agility is nice so long as there isn't a leather armor that has a nice bonus for you later. Something to keep in mind (though you can retrain Unarmored Agility later if that is the case).

The Vampire's class AC boost only works if you're wearing cloth armor or no armor, and no shield.


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So, you don't love us anymore?

He went on vacation.

Yeah, it's hard work killing PC's, thankfully MM3 made my life easier, but as you all keep leveling up there's more and more ways for the players to get out of trouble.... I needed to recharge the ol' Evil DM batteries :devil:

Don't worry, I'm feeling good now, and luckily stonegod's got 3 PC's in my adventures so he gets to have lots of chances for love..... wait, that sounded wrong... ahhh too late...


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lets operate under the following assumption: I know nothing about wiki

step one go to L4W wiki page : check!
step two: On the left side there's a list of things to click on, look for "Create a new article" it'll have a pop-up asking what to call it yeah....not seeing that anywhere on the page, so instead i tried to start me own wiki (correct or no???)

I then opened the page I created as instructed (by the way, nowhere do you mention signing up/into the wikia site.) and copied the template, being careful to include only the portions between the "copy here" line, and also not including any of the banners on the right hand side (which was no small feat).

I saved ( I assume you meant publish - because there was no save button/prompt anywhere) and reopened the page, but now comes my question, when I try to edit, it shows the template, but says the template doesnt exist and wont let me edit.....

please help

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