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ZEITGEIST Labyrinth origin


This is kind of a goofy question, but: where did Ghillie Dhu’s labyrinth come from? Did he create it as a defense for Ethelyn, or was it already on Axis Island and he merely adopted it out of convenience?

I ask because I plan on having Lya provide the PCs with a map of the fort, and I’d like to know whether she would be aware of the labyrinth. I see it marked on the included map, but I’m not sure whether to read into that.


(I’m starting the campaign next week, so no doubt this is the first of many questions I will have. I’m still reading through later chapters of the adventure, but LOVE what I’ve read so far.)

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Andrew Moreton

It is a new feature and was not present before the Duchess took the island. She has many fey allies and he is one of them and set up to help defend her base, while Danor has no connections with the Fey and would have activelly got rid of him as he is a potential security risk. You can see this with the dissapearence of his maze when magic disrupts it and the world reverts to the way it was.
For some reason I expected a question about minotaurs.