D&D 5E Larian confirms they want to work on BG3 DLCs!!!

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They initially basically said that, which is why this is news.

Swen specifically downplayed any idea that they might do DLC or a sequel and when talking to journalists at the final Panel From Hell and initially just after release. He went on to suggest that:

A) Larian probably wouldn't work on an AAA game this large again any time soon, maybe ever (this is similar to how Bioware acted after completing the ME series "Whoa that was hard, let's not do that again!").

B) Larian would probably instead work on a number of smaller, more contained games, which, from the way he said it, made it sound more likely they intended to go back to not-really-AAA or even definitely-AA games.
They were also exhausted at that point. I suspect the first profit-sharing check has changed everyone's minds.

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It's a long standing tradition in D&D games, so I'm not surprised at all. In fact, I think the sheer variety of neat and potent items not only adds a lot of enjoyment for me, but "effectively" makes the level cap a fair bit higher than 12 in most ways except class features.
Not to this extent. I’ve played all the BG games, NWN, Icewind Dale etc. they never have this many items.


Could one dlc be the option to leave a MP character at camp? I'm gonna have to start a new solo game to have more of the NPC characters in my party.

Not to this extent. I’ve played all the BG games, NWN, Icewind Dale etc. they never have this many items.
They definitely had this many items. What they didn't have was the sheer variety of neat effects and riders when you cast this or that, because the game system couldn't handle anything that complex. So you got piles of +1 and +2 items dropping off every enemy, instead of unique stuff. The only games that were somewhat exempt were the starter games like Pools of Radiance and Champions of Krynn, since item escalation didn't really kick in until later games (Pools of Radiance had a bucketload of art items though).

BG1 goes pretty gonzo with Tales of the Sword Coast. NWN had quite a few in Undrentide, and goes totally crazy with items in Hordes, etc.

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