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2000AD Lawgiver ammunition ranges


Is it just me or do the ranges for the Lawgiver ammunition types seem really short? For example, the Incendiary only has a range of 8'. That would be well inside the resulting fireball. As for the stun round, at 3', you may as well keep the lawgiver holstered and hit them with your daystick. The effect would be pretty much identical.

Anyway, not just here to complain. As a suggestion, since we're working in feet and inches, how about just adding a 0 onto everything in the range column? Going out of range of a stun shot at 30' (which is about 10m) seems more "right" to me.

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Well, that was fun
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It’s a range increment, not a range. And it’s in 5’ squares not feet.

The incendiary has a range increment of 8 squares, which is 40 feet.

You can fire out to five range increments (so 200 feet) but pay -1d6 for each increment beyond the first.
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Thanks for clearing that up. That makes a lot more sense. As you can tell, it was confusing me somewhat (always read the thing properly, kids! Skimming is not always good!)

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