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Leading Ladies Showdown Final: Wonder Woman Wins


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So it comes down to the Princesses.

Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themiscyra, wins it for me.

If I had to take into account only the TV series and the Star Wars movies, Leia would win. But the Wonder Woman in the comics and in the JLU cartoon is a great character, period.

Take, for instance, the JL episode where the Thanagarians defeat and capture the entire JL. Wonder Woman feigns weakness to bluff a thanagarian warrior into getting close to her ("Don't be afraid... I don't bite." <smirk>), then proceeds to kicking his arse (with her hands tied behind her back, no less!). Or in the comics, where she's cursed by the Queen of Fables to sleep forever, unless a handsome prince kisses her. Even in her sleep, she's too intimidating for either Flash or Green Lantern to kiss her! (Aquaman, who used to be a prince, does the deed)

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Leia, but with a heavy heart as too many much better female characters have gone - Emma Peel, Granny Weatherwax, Ripley, even Buffy, - all of course IMHO


World of Kulan DM
Wonder Woman (comics, tv)

While Princess Leia is one of my favorite movie characters, Wonder Woman is simply the best female hero ever!

No contest.


A suffusion of yellow
Emma Peel is Wonder Woman!!! - so they both get it:)

(oh and Leia is kewl too but just not as good as Princess Diana Rigg:)

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