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Leading Ladies Showdown Final: Wonder Woman Wins


Until a few months ago, I might've voted Leia.

But now that Diana has taken a stance against Superman and Batman and their hangups and nonsense, she has become just as strong a personality as Leia.

With strength of character balanced out, Wonder Womans other advantages (cooler costume, cooler "powers", and importance to pop-culture history) gives her the edge.

Wonder Woman wins.

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Plane Sailing

Astral Admin - Mwahahaha!
MonsterMash said:
Granny Weatherwax,

I can't believe that I failed to vote for my all-time favourite female heroine, Granny Weatherwax! She is just the best. Ever.

Of the surprising two finalists I think I'd have to go for Wonder Woman, as princess leia never really seemed to be much more than decoration to me. Just personal view naturally!

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