League of Assassins - Conclusion

Silver Moon

League of Assassins

“League of Assassins” featuring the Silver Moon Adventurers.

Module Description: The local Lord is auctioning off a collection of unique jewelry and gems. Wealthy nobles and aristocrats from throughout the world will be attending. The International League of Assassins has chosen this event for its own ‘Challenge Convention’ and has selected guests as targets. The Lord has hired the Silver Moon Adventurers to (1) Provide security at the auction; (2) Ferret out the assassins; and (3) Keep the guests safe from harm.

Story Hour Readers: This module will start tomorrow night, and the first Story Hour post will be up by Monday night. The details of this story have been developing on the EN World ‘Plots & Places’ board during the past two months. Continued suggestions are welcome both now and as the module unfolds. That thread can be found at the following link:


Players: The above message thread is officially off limits, however your contributions to this Story Hour thread would we welcomed and appreciated.
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Silver Moon

Game One - 1/19/03

Introduction and background:
This module takes place in the Jawlt Lordholding of the Kingdom of Phlooredah. Phlooredah is a small oval shaped continent, approximately 600 by 400 miles in size, which consists of nine autonomous Lordholdings. A ruler is elected from among the nine Lordholders to serve a 15-year term as the continent's King or Queen. The ruler’s authority is limited to maintaining a military to defend the continent, issuing a uniform currency, and resolving disputes between the Lordholders. The current ruler is Queen Jennifer of Thenossia, who began her rule six months ago.

The smallest Lordholdings is that of Jawlt, which is situated on the continent's southern coast of the continent. Lord Kindor, who is in his third 5-year term as the elected Lordholder, rules Jawlt. Kindor had been a soldier who served as the Captain of the Guard and Army Commander of his predecessor. Kindor is a handsome 44-year old unmarried human 9th level fighter of lawful neutral alignment. He is decisive, but also willing to listen to the advice of others. He has an appointed 8-person Jawlt Council, each with their own sphere of responsibility (Diplomacy, Security, Commerce, Religion, Military Strategy, Army Command, Navy Command, and Other Miscellaneous Duties).

The Silver Moon Adventurers have been together for 14 years. Their first mission was finding the fabled Rod of the Seven Parts for the Thenossia Lordholder. This quest brought them to Jawlt where they fought and killed Kindor’s evil predecessor. Three years after that they joined forces with Lord Kindor and defeated a group of pirates and evil clerics on an unclaimed island sixty miles south of the Jawlt/Thenossia border. Following that victory the adventurers decided to keep the island as their new home, and at Kindor's invitation, Silver Moon Island officially became a new township within the Jawlt Lordholding. Three members of the adventuring team currently serve on the Jawlt Council.

Chapter 1, "Your mission, if you choose to accept it", July 1, 1019:

On this warm sunny day in early summer a large warship sails into the harbor along the eastern shore of Silver Moon Island. The quick-tempered half-elf druid Serita suppresses her initial instinct to call down a lightning bolt and sink it, especially after she recognizes the vessel as the flagship of her Lord's Navy. The ship is secured to the military dock, alongside the Jawlt Navy ship assigned to the island. Lord Kindor himself walks down the gangplank, and is immediately greeted by his love interest, the aforementioned Serita.

They make their way past the docks and fishery, and approach the Church of Ukko. From there they head north through the town. They pass dozens of two-story homes, most belonging to the crewmembers of the four ships that call this harbor their home. They arrive at Jerry's Tavern and Inn, and ask the middle-aged gnome proprietor to assemble the Silver Moon Adventurers for a meeting there in a few hours. "You want all of them?" Jerry asks. "Yes, just tell them that I'm paying for the drinks," the Lordholder replies. He and Serita then head across the street for a private meal at the town's newest restaurant, The Panda House, which serves Oriental cuisine.

A few hours later they join the thirty-or-so members of the Silver Moon Adventuring Team. Narg, the team's informal half-elvan leader asks, "Alright Kindor, what's going on." He states "Some of you may remember a few months back when we were in the Kingdom of Vestland and I made the mistake of inadvertently insulting Serita. Your associate Hiroshi suggested one thing that would get me back in her good graces." "Chocolate?" Narg asks. "No," Kindor answers, "He told me that she enjoys helping out the who are ill" "Oh yeah," Narg replies, "That administering to the sick crap." "Crap!" Serita yells. Narg quickly counters with "Er, I meant, giving healing assistance to those in need….very noble." "Nice save," comments Narg's sidekick, the elf fighter Mojo.

"So, what exactly did you do?" asks the female wizard Kharole. Kindor replies "I promised her a hospital. I'll be building a large hospital in the city of Jawltorn, which will be managed by the clergy of the Lordholding's various churches. Since she holds the position of Jawlt Council Member overseeing Religions that will leave her in charge." Kharole comments to Serita "So, you now get to run a large hospital." "With her as the administrator I hope we never need it," Mojo comments. "Keep making cracks like that and you'll need it now," Serita answers.

Kindor explains the hospital will also increase his influence with the Queen, saying "She will appreciate that my navy will be able to transport the clerics and hospital's medical wagons to support any military engagement on the continent. Mojo, who serves as a General in the Queen's army and is also her lover, interjects "You know what she would really appreciate..." Narg interrupts with "Thank you, enough of that."

"So what do you need us for?" asks the half-elf Cassie-Andra, the party's senior wizard and a lawful good priestess. Kindor replies "I currently don't have the funding needed to build this hospital, however I recently found within my castle a collection of unique jewelry and gems that a prior Lord had apparently assembled. With Hiroshi's assistance I have researched the items, which are all quite valuable. In two weeks I will be holding an auction, and have sent invitations to wealthy nobles throughout the world to attend."

"So where will all of these wealthy people be staying?" asks Dennismore, an elvan rogue. Serita says "Dennis, if you even think about messing this up I will break every bone in your fingers." Mojo quips "Hey, he's volunteering to be the first patient in the hospital." "But is it ethical for the hospital administrator to turn people into patients?" comments Kharole.

Kindor interrupts, catching everyone's attention by saying "I actually can't believe that I am saying this, but I need you guys to provide security." "That's kind of like asking the elephants to guard the peanuts," comments Mojo. "Actually, there is a very real need for security," Kindor replies. He then asks "Have any of you every heard of the International League of Assassins?" "Yeah, I used to collect their comics when I was a kid," Dennismore states.

Kindor goes on to explain that the International League of Assassins, or ILA, holds a challenge convention every four to six years for their member groups. The last one was five years ago, and they have apparently called for one again, to take place in the city of Jawltorn simultaneous to the auction. He found out about this because the Jawlt Thief and Assassins Guild is an ILA member. The local guild was recently given a red herring to get them out of town, to prevent them from having a home-field advantage. They figured this out, and then found out where the ILA would really be. They have also heard that the auction will play a major role in the challenge.

Kindor explains how the ILA convention will start on the 9th and last for a week. At a secret opening ceremony clues will be given out about the chosen targets. In addition to providing auction security he also wants the Silver Moon to send in a "stealth team" to infiltrate the ILA meeting. "Won't it look suspicious if we all show up there wearing Groucho glasses?" Mojo comments. Kindor adds that the Silver Moon's rogues will not be known to the ILA, as the elf Dennismore and halfling Blake never joined the local guild. "Or Blip," comments Kharole, gesturing to the female gnome in the corner. "Blip? She's a sorcerer….oh!" comments Kindor. "I guess some secrets have been pretty well kept," Serita comments.

Kindor says that the total assignment will take about two weeks, and will require fifteen to twenty members of the party. Several will need to take the high-profile assignment of meeting and greeting the guests and then providing visible security at the auction site, while the stealth team will simultaneously operate secretly.

The group discusses the assignment, and indicates that they will probably undertake it. The team discusses the possible identities of the targets. Kindor adds that there will be many high profile guests in attendance, including the continent's ruler Queen Jennifer, and her estranged husband, King Matthan. The Silver Moon and Matthan have never gotten along, and Narg makes a poorly received joke about taking up a collection to pay the ILA to make him a target.

The Silver Moon Adventurers finally conclude that they have to take the mission, otherwise Serita would probably become insufferable. "Yeah, and if she gets to run a hospital in Jawltorn that will get her off the Island a lot of the time too," Mojo adds.
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Silver Moon

My players appear reluctant to post here, sending e-mail messages to me instead (come’ on guys, EN Worlder’s don’t bite). The dwarf Lannon’s player points out that his Jawlt Council position is not titled “Other Miscellaneous Duties”, the official designation being “Minister of Inherent Priorities”, which sounds far more important. Narg’s player missed the game night when The Panda House was established and wrote: "There's a Chinese restaurant on the island...? Cool! Cold left over Chinese is a great hangover remedy..."

Chapter 2, "Adventurers Assemble", July 1, 1019:

The Silver Moon Adventurers have now agreed to take the assignment. Kindor asks them to meet him at his castle in Jawltorn in two days. Kindor adds that with the ILA coming to town, Melito (the Jawlt Council member in charge of Security) insists that the auction itself be held at a location other than the Lordholder’s castle. Kindor tells the adventurers that he has obtained a large warehouse adjacent to where the new hospital will be built which they can use for the auction. The first auction preview will not be until the 8th, which will give them five days to get the warehouse converted into an appropriate site for he visiting dignitaries.

“Oh great,” states the dwarven rogue Lannon, “In addition to being diplomats and bouncers, we now have to be interior decorators.” Cassie says “Not a problem. We’ll just bring along Bruce, decorating is one of his hobbies.” Her reference is to a flamboyant and extremely effeminate member of their ship’s crew. “Oh great, he’s all we need!” Mojo sarcastically comments. Serita interjects “Wait a minute, Bruce could also be very helpful as a security guard, after all, he is a Bugbear! He will look intimidating as long as we dress and arm him as a warrior instead of a fop.” “Only if he never opens his mouth,” Mojo adds.

Kindor says that they can help themselves to any of the furnishings from his castle in order to fix up the warehouse. “Wonderful!” Dennismore yells out. “And return it all to the castle after the auction!’ Kindor then states. “Oh, we’ll bring it back…eventually,” Dennis replies. The tavern’s owner Jerry gestures to the wall and mutters to Mojo “I think some of his tapestries would look really good over there.” Mojo replies “I’ve always been partial to the furniture in his royal guest suite. It will look great in my bedroom.”

The discussion returns to the subject of having some intimidating guards along to protect the jewelry and gems. “Oh, I can handle that task myself,” Dennis states. “I think you’re the one we want to guard them from,” states Cassie. The half-elf ranger Mark suggests “Let’s bring along Furynick,” referring to their party’s macho tough-guy one-eyed human fighter. Kharole adds “What about Vincenzo” referencing the party’s tall 300-pound human cleric of Huan-Ti and Hotoru (Chinese Pantheon God of War & the Native American Pantheon Wind God, both Chaotic Good). The tavern keeper Jerry reminds them that Vincenzo’s new clerical assistant Cheveyo is even more intimidating. “We said intimidate, not terrorize,” comments Kharole, as Cheveyo is a nine-foot tall quarter-demon, quarter-minotaur, half-human fighter/priest. He has four arms, a head that is a cross between a ram and a bull, and speaks in a very deep James Earl Jones type of voice. Narg concludes, “We’ll bring all three as guards, as well as Bruce the Bugbear”.

Having decided on those four (all NPC’s) they then discuss who the main adventuring party should consist of. Serita says that she that she is going, being both the Jawlt Council Member for Religions and the future hospital administrator. She also says she wants to help protect Kindor, in case he is an ILA target. As an after thought she adds “Wait a minute, did any of you guys take out an ILA contract on me?” The party all yell out phrases of: “No”, “Absolutely not”, “Of course not,” and “We’d never do that”, followed by various mutterings about how most of them will now need to find a paper shredder.

Narg states that as the Jawlt Council member in charge of Military Strategy he will definitely be going. The dwarven rogue Lannon is also on the Jawlt Council and says that he will help to meet and evaluate the guests. Mojo states that he has to go to protect the Queen, being a General in her army. Mark interjects “Count me in too.” Kharole says that she is going, stating that her main reason is to get a vacation away from her husband and children. Narg reminds the elvan wizard that her being charismatic and proficient with charm spells might also come in very handy. The half-elf wizard Fiona also volunteers to join the group.

Cassie points out that if they want to maintain a very visible presence in the city, and also make things harder for the assassins, they should consider bringing along some flying mounts for reconnaissance. Cassie offers to join and bring along Maynard, her gold and red wyvern with rainbow colored wings. It is pointed out that she could use a “wing man” to fly along with her. Timothy, a human priest of Ukko, volunteers to join and bring his pegasus Justin. Narg objects to having both creatures with the group, until Kindor says that there is a large barn adjacent to the warehouse where the animals could stay. "Fine, just keep them both out of my way," the fighter replies.

With the high profile team and guards selected, they now have to decide upon the “stealth team”. The three previously mentioned rogues, Dennismore, Blake and Blip volunteer. Dennis tells the halfling and gnome “You two keep a low profile…not that you have a choice”. Several party members yell “boo” at his joke, and he answers “What? I couldn’t resist that one.” “Next time please try,” Blip answers. The 6-foot-3-inch Timothy lectures the elf, saying “You’re hardly one to call anybody else short.”

The next volunteer is the hengeyokai archer-ranger Ebony Shadow. While she isn’t a rogue, she has the ability to transform into a black cat, which definitely qualifies as stealth. The last one to volunteer is Ailsheir, a drow elf archer. He had joined the party a year earlier, after the demigod Finder Wyvernspur had removed all evil from him. His experience as a drow will assist in his being able to stay hidden.

Kindor departs from the island, bringing with him the human jeweler and wizard Hiroshi, to assist with preparations for the auction. On the morning of the 2nd the Silver Moon Adventurers set sail for Jawltorn on their largest ship.

Unbeknownst to everyone present in the tavern, Blake's hengeyokai apprentice Lee-May had eavesdropped on the group, and decided to tag along. The previous week she had been made invisible for a skill test while in monkey form, and following that she never bothered to make herself visible again. While on the ship ride to Jawltorn Ebony Shadow detects young Lee-May, but chooses not to tell anybody else. Ebony concludes that Narg would just send her back home, and feels that an invisible spider monkey rogue might be a very helpful addition to the stealth team.
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Your players need to post to your thread so we can learn more about their characters. I need some kind of scorecard or something. Is there going to be a rogues gallery?

Silver Moon

Chapter 3, “Arrival in Jawltorn”, July 3rd, 1019:

Shortly after dawn the southern coast of mainland Jawlt is sited in the distance. The warship bearing the name Celib-Itil, which translates as Silver Moon in the Elvish language, changes course to the northeast towards their destination of the Jawltorn, the capital city of Jawlt. Along the way they pass the Jawlt Naval Ship Gelorynth, which is patrolling the waters between Jawltorn and the township for which that ship was named. As they near the city the Jawlt Naval Ship Georgetown is sighted patrolling off to the east.

The city of Jawltorn is a bustling port city, with a population of approximately 17,500. The city is situated where the Thenossian River reaches the sea. The river flows into the city, past a well-guarded bridge, and then forks, creating an “inner city” island of approximately nine square miles. This section of the city has a population of 7,700 who are primarily upper class. The remainder of the city is known as the “outer city”, covering approximately fourteen square miles. It has a population of 9,800, comprised primarily of the middle and lower classes. The city is surrounded by a large wall manned with guards, with gates along the four major roads to the city.

Players & Guests: A city map with updated descriptions will be distributed at the next game. Readers: The city map and descriptions have been posted on the Plots & Places board.

The ship Celib-Itil sails into the port. A Jawlt Naval Lieutenant is rowing out into the harbor in a small boat, and signals for them to sail into a berth along the Military Docks of the Inner City. They dock alongside the flagship of the Jawlt Navy, the vessel named for the city, which appears to be preparing to set sail. The Jawlt Council Member and Naval Commander, a human fighter named Waller John Swordsharpener, boards the Celib-Itil and warmly greets the party’s arrival in the city.

Glancing towards the flagship, Serita asks “Getting ready to leave town?” Waller replies “Yes, the first auction guests arrive tomorrow. Kindor thinks it best that the flagship be seen at sea and at the ready, with two more vessels within sight to the southeast and southwest, to deter any unwanted guests from making a quick escape from the city by ship. “Good thinking,” comments Narg. Cassie offers to loan him some magical Message Mirrors, to allow for quick communication between his ships. "I didn't know we had any of those," Narg comments. Cassie answers "Of course you didn't, to use them you have to know how to write." "I can too write!" Narg exclaims. Mojo interjects "Writing your name in the snow doesn't count.' "Well it should," is Narg's reply.

Waller tells the party “Feel free to use this dock tonight, but you might want to have your ship depart early tomorrow. You want to ensure that none of the unwanted guests try to stowaway on your ship to get access to your island.” “Absolutely,” Serita emphatically states, and she then instructs the ship’s Captain to have the crew spend today gathering supplies, and to depart at dawn. They also decide to presently leave the “stealth team” and “party guards” on the ship to ensure no unwanted visitors come on board while the party leaders go to meet with Lord Kindor.

The group of Cassie, Fiona, Lannon, Mark, Mojo, Narg, Serita and Timothy leave the ship, and walk northward through the city to Lord Kindor’s castle. The two-mile hike is through one of the nicest parts of the city, with over a hundred mansions and estates belonging to various aristocrats and wealthy merchants.

They soon approach the southern gate of the outer wall of the Castle, a forty-foot high stone structure, behind which only the top two stories of the Castle’s central tower can be seen. They notice that twice the usual number of soldiers guarding the gate, who welcome their arrival and open the gate to allow them to enter. Mark comments “No matter how many times that happens it still feels a bit surreal, given how we first visited this place.” Narg, Serita and Timothy agree, as the four of them were with the group that infiltrated the castle fourteen years earlier when searching for the Rod of the Seven Parts.

They cross the outer bailey and approach the moat, which spans for forty-five feet across, ending at a sixty-foot high wall. Guards atop the moat tower signal for the drawbridge to be lowered. The party crosses the bridge and enters the inner bailey, which is filled with hundreds of human and dwarven Jawlt Army troops engaged in training exercises. Tenbar, the Jawlt Council Member and Army Commander waves to them, but does not break off from the practice drills that he is supervising. Narg and Lannon wave back at the dwarf, and continue towards the main doors to the castle.

They enter the front lobby. Kindor had been alerted to their presence and is waiting for them. He leads them to a meeting room not far from the lobby, where platters of food have been laid out for them, along with a few bottles of wine and a small keg. A group of guards take up position outside of the door, which is then closed, giving the nine of them privacy.

The group help themselves to the food and beverages. “Beefed up defenses I see,” Lannon comments. Kindor replies “Melito doesn’t want to take any chances, and since he is my security expert and knows this ILA a lot better than I do I’m taking his advice very seriously. We brought the army into the city at night inside of covered carriages to keep their presence here a secret. The auction site is only a mile away, and the troops can get there quickly if and when you might need them.” “Nice to know,” mutters Narg.

Kindor continues “Melito wants me to keep a very low profile and limit my number of public appearances in case I am a target.” “You really think you may be?” asks Fiona. Kindor replies “There is a very high probability that I am. The ILA may have chosen this city for more than just the auction. Other than the Jawlt guild, the only other known assassin group on the continent that belongs to the ILA is the guild from the Thenossian city of Halla. You may remember that they tried and failed to assassinate me nine years ago.” “How could I forget. They got me instead” Lannon states, referring to an attack against the party that occurred simultaneous to the assassination attempt, which left the dwarf dead.

The group finishes the meal after which they take a walk back outside, where two horse-drawn carriages are waiting. “Let’s go visit the auction site and your new headquarters,” Kindor states. The party climb into the rather ostentatious coaches, which then depart from the castle. They travel south for a mile along the main road, which then veers off towards a section of the city that has a large number of nicely constructed warehouses used by the wealthier merchants of the city.

They reach an area where it appears that most buildings on the whole city block have recently been razed, the only two structures still standing being a good sized warehouse on the southeastern corner with a large barn adjacent to it on the southwestern corner. Kindor gestures to the open land, and announces “This is where the hospital will be built.” They then approach the warehouse building.

Silver Moon

Chapter 4, “Kulp’s Comfortable Castle”, July 3rd, 1019:

This building is a large stone and oak structure runs 80 feet north to south by 120 feet east to west. A regular sized door to the building is along the eastern wall, with two stories normal sized windows along that same wall. Six Jawlt Army troops are on guard duty at the door, which they open as Kindor and the party approach. They walk along a 5-foot wide corridor running for 20 feet, with two interior doors off to the side. The doors have windows on them, revealing small offices inside.

The hallway ends in another doorway, which is opened up into a single 80x100 foot warehouse room with a 25 foot high ceiling supported by huge oak pillars and beams every 20 feet. All of the spacious windows in this room are high above, starting ten feet above the floor, to allow a great deal of light inside while still allowing privacy inside. Three barn-type double doors are along the longer south side of the building, with driveways out to the main street. There are also barn-type doors on the western wall, with fencing outside that lead directly to the barn.

Kindor says “When I had the other warehouses on this city block torn down to make room for the hospital I decided to keep this one, as it was so well made and in such good shape. A hurricane or earthquake could hit this place head on and it would still be standing.” “What if we dropped Vincenzo on it from high above?” Mojo quips. “I don’t think there are any buildings in the city that well made” is the Lordholder’s response. He says that he plans to eventually use this building as a carriage house for portable medical wagons (ambulances), with the adjacent barn for the draft horses to pull them. He chose this location in part because it is located half way between his castle and the military docks. He says that he hopes to also raise enough money in the auction for the Gelorynth ship builders to construct a hospital ship for the navy.

Cassie gestures to the eastern side of the building, which has a staircase up to a second floor and two stories of rooms for the 80x20 foot area, and asks “Are those rooms where you want us to stay while we’re here?” He smiles and says “Follow me. We never did discuss payment, did we?” He leads them up the stairs, which ends in an enclosed 5-foot wide hallway running the entire 80 feet. The hallway has windows on one side from which the warehouse interior can be seen, and doors on the other side leading to one 15x20 and four 15x15 foot rooms.

He brings them down to the very end of the hallway, which has a door on the warehouse side of the wall. The door looks well constructed, with a glass knob attached to a gold plated locking mechanism with a keyhole. “Odd place for a door,” Fiona comments, as it would just open out into the warehouse room from 12 feet high. She also does not recall seeing such a door from when they were down in the warehouse. He tells them “Open the door, and see what is on the other side“. Serita opens it, and they see the interior of a fair sized feasting hall, with two long tables of food and beverages set before them, a working fountain off to one side, and several doors on the various walls.

Kindor asks “Have any of you ever heard of Kulp’s Comfortable Castle?” Cassie says that it sounds vaguely familiar to her.” Kindor explains that Kulp the Magnificent was a powerful mage, that lived a long time ago and enjoyed living in luxury when he and his party adventured. He modified a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell in order to bring his own personal castle with him. The castle itself is a permanent structure in another dimension, that can be accessed using a magical orb. He then points to the glass knob on the door, announcing it is the Orb of Kulp, which was one of the unique jewelry and gem items that I found in the collection. Upon the command world “A cat that good.” it has transformed into the magical doorway that is now before them.

They all enter the brightly lit room. Kindor announces that as payment for their services at the auction he will give them the Orb, so that they will be able to take this castle with them as a portable headquarters while on adventure. He suggests that they check out the rest of the structure, which they all then do. [DM’s Note: The map and descriptions for this building can be found on 8th page of Piratecat’s well read Story Hour.

The Silver Moon Adventurers are very impressed by the building, with its eight large individual bedrooms, a barracks type room that can sleep up to 30, a meeting room, training room, and three large bathrooms that include faucets for hot and cold running water in the bathtubs. Off from main hall are a large room and three smaller rooms, which Kindor says are for chapels. He explains how this structure in inaccessible from every plane, so that even deities can’t get in, which would prevent clerics and druids from praying to their gods. He says that these four rooms have been created so that once dedicated to a particular god or pantheon of gods, and then consecrated by a High Priest, will allow communication to that deity from that particular room.

They group finish their tour and reconvene in the great hall. Serita comments “I think those spacious bedrooms and hot tubs are great.” Narg interjects “Yeah, but when my kid is old enough to date and asks “Dad, can I borrow the castle, the answer is a definite ‘No’.”

Kindor then explains the limitations of the Orb. It has a much longer duration than the original Mansion spell, up to one day per level of the Wizard enchanting it, but can only be used once per enchantment. Furthermore, the re-enchant the orb requires an equal amount of time as it has remained in use. Thus, since they will have it here for the next 15 days it will then take another 15 days before it can be used again. He also explains that re-enchanting the orb requires a Wizard of at least 15th level, which the party is not even close to.

“But Derieki is,” Cassie comments, referring to the wizard who most recently apprenticed her that she also collects magical components for. Kindor replies “Absolutely, in fact he was the one that located the spell to use the Orb, and enchanted it this time.” Fiona comments “So, basically we would just be able to use this once per adventure.” Kindor answers “Correct, but if you are staying in one location for a period of time you could safely use it there.” They discuss how in the future they would only need to rent a single room at an inn, and then create the doorway from inside of that room.

Kindor also points out that if a party member was seriously injured, as happened to Mojo’s cousin Lono during the adventure in the orient the previous fall, that person could stay in the castle indefinitely, as it will create food and water for the occupants. He does warn them that the magical food and water only exists in the other dimension, and the person would need to eat real food before exiting the dimension.

They then head back outside. “There’s one more trick about this thing,” Kindor adds, and says the phrase “Surprise". The doorway and knob completely vanish. He repeats the word, and the it reappears. The Lordholder explains how once the door is activated and a password stated, but before the door is opened, it can be infused with a spell. In this instance an Invisibility spell was cast upon it. He adds that any spell could be used, either a defensive spell to protect or hide the door, or an offensive spell to activate if anyone tries to either pick the lock or open it without first stating the password. Cassie asks about the key to the door, and is told that the only key belonged to Kulp the Magnificent, and it is not known what happened to it.

Kindor explains how a different password stated each time the door is used, reminding them that the passwords this time are “Open the door and see what's on the other side“ to open it and “surprise" for the invisibility. “And we’re the only ones who know that?” Lannon asks. He replies “Only the nine of us and my wizard Majorn, who erected it here this morning.” They debate if they even want to tell the rest of the party who are still back at the ship, but decide that they have to. Narg comments "I'm afraid that Dennismore will be way too excited when he finds out there is a place he can go that is outside of any legal jurisdiction." They decide to keep the security about the castle very tight, and to also use the ten room inside the warehouse. They also opt to hold off on consecrating the Castle’s chapel rooms, since the clerics and druid could currently use the warehouse rooms to pray from instead.

“So, is this acceptable as payment?” Kindor asks. “Very” several party members state in unison. “Rather generous I’d say. You could have auctioned this off for a lot of money” is Fiona’s observation. Kindor answers “I know. But I have a personal interest in this too. Ensuring that Serita now comes back safely from adventures is rather important to me.” “Uh oh, I’d say the K-man's got it real bad,” Lannon comments. “Or he wants it real bad,” Mojo mutters in response. A dirty look from Serita then silences them both. The group then heads downstairs to discuss the auction logistics.
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Silver Moon

Chapter 5, “The Agenda”, July 3rd, 1019:

Kindor explains that for the week, July 4th to 10th the various guest groups will be arriving in the city. “How many groups?” Cassie asks. He replies “We’re not exactly sure. Three dozen were issued invitations, and also told to notify other interested parties. Since Melito wants me to avoid public appearances, and he and my two military commanders will also be keeping a low profile, that will leave it up to the other Jawlt Council Members to greet each of these visiting dignitaries.”

“Greet the guests? Heck, we’re normally not even allowed to meet the guests” Narg comments. Kindor says “You three on the Council don’t have to do all of that yourself. Council member Ki-Geloryn is in charge of Diplomacy, and Sir Philip handles Commerce and can also help out. Some of your group may want to accompany those two as added protection. He says that with the first guests arriving the next day they may want to consider getting the jewelry and gems out of the Lordholder’s Castle either today or first thing tomorrow, especially since they now have their extra-dimensional castle to store them at. They would have to get the items here by the 8th at any rate, for the preview. “What exactly is this preview?” Mark asks.

Kindor explains that in order to guarantee that auctioneers will not show any favoritism to local citizens the residents of the Jawlt Lordholding will not be allowed to participate as bidders at the auction. However, to be fair to them the Jawlt residents, and only Jawlt residents, will be permitted to preview the auction items on the 8th and then turn in sealed bids by 9th for any item that they are interested in. The sealed bids will be held by Melito, and will not be opened and read until the bidding has closed on each item at the auction. Kindor points out that the existence of these sealed bids will also help to drive up the auction prices.

“Do you expect a lot of sealed bids?” asks Serita. Kindor replies “No. There will be fairly high reserves placed on each, which will be well out of the price range of most locals. I expect that thousands may come to the preview just to look at the items, with few putting in real bids. By the way, this bidding process will also permit any of you to bid on any of the items that you might be interested in. At any rate, you will need to handle the security arrangements for this preview. It was intentionally scheduled for the 8th as Melito has heard that the ILA convention is not slated to begin until the 9th.

The rogue Lannon says “What exactly can you tell us about the convention.” Kindor replies, “I will have Mileto brief your stealth team, as he knows more details that I do, but basically it is scheduled to start on the 9th with opening ceremonies and a business meeting. At this meeting they will give clues about how the targets will be announced. The designation of the three of more targets will then take place the next day or two. The assassin groups will have until the morning of the 15th to complete their assignments. On the afternoon of the 15th the ILA will then have their closing ceremony and awards.”

“And the auction is scheduled for when?” asks Mojo. “The 13th. We will hold a formal dinner for all bidders on the evening of the 10th at which time Hiroshi will explain the rules of the auction. We could hold that dinner either here, or at another location of your choosing. A formal preview of the items to all registered bidders will be held on the 11th. We will then hold a formal hearing on the 12th for anyone who wishes to make a claim that an item being auctioned is rightfully theirs.”

“What is that all about?” asks Lannon. “Two purposes,” Kindor adds. “First, it will legally establish that I am the current owner of the items and have a right to formally sell them. More importantly, while we know some of the history of these items, the interested guests probably know far more. Instead of keeping that information to themselves, the hearing will prompt them to share that with all other guests, which should increase the demand and prices of the items.”

“But won’t you risk loosing a few items that way?” Timothy asks. The Lordholder replies “Probably not. The final ruling on these claims will be made by a three judge panel, which will consist of Hiroshi, a High Priest of Ukko, and a yet unnamed paladin. Just because an item once belonged to an ancestor doesn’t mean that whoever had collected these items did not do so legally. I still don’t know which prior Lord of castle collected them, and unless someone can name which Lord and actually prove that they stole the item, then the prior claims of ownership will not be validated.”

“Anyway, the auction itself will take place on the 13th. As with the auctions you attended in the orient, I want to make sure that beverages flow freely during the auction to encourage the bidders to be less inhibited with their bids. Finally, the payment for and pick-up of items will be on the 14th. Finally, the groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Jawlt Hospital will take place on the 15th, preferably after the ILA convention has ended. Your ship can then pick you guys up on the 16th to return home.”

“Sounds rather straight forward,” comment Timothy. Fiona replies, “Yes, except that with all of these foreign guests plus the assassin groups there will be a lot to keep track of.” Kindor adds “I think that with most of you attracting everyone’s attention, your stealth team should be able to find out exactly what is going on.” “They will, and if you want people to attract attention you’ve picked the right people,” comments Cassie. Narg (who dislikes animals) says “I’ve got it! To really attract attention let’s set fire to Timothy’s pegasus as it flies over the city.” Mojo interjects “No, we couldn’t do that to a poor dumb animal, plus it might hurt the pegasus that he is riding on.” Timothy pretends to ignore both comments.

Kindor has one final logistical issue to discuss. He says that he still needs to determine what amount to charge each person for the privilege of attending the auction. This will not only raise more money for the hospital, but will also help to keep the number of attendees down. It has to be low enough that each aristocrat will still bring along spouses and key advisors, but high enough that they won’t want to pay to bring their whole entourage. “Yeah, a smaller number of guest will help with security,” Lannon adds. Cassie asks how much the auction items are worth? Kindor says that the minimum reserve will probably be 20,000 gold pieces. The group debates different amounts to charge each attendee, eventually deciding on 2,000 gold pieces per person.

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