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LEB Discussion Thread '10 Pt 2


First Post

Life lesson:
It is bad to choose a feat designed to add extra damage for a 2H weapon when the character is in fact using 1H weapon.


I must do a better job of reading the fine print when selecting feats. :(

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
According to this (LEB:Requesting Approval - ENWorld Living Eberron Wiki) there are 31 characters needing approval.

A few requests:
- If your character actually is needing approval and is on this list, please ping the LEB judge account (use the previous email if you have it).
- If your character is not needing approval, please remove the "Requesting Approval" tag from your sheet
- If you have some free time, please review a PC!

I'll have some more free time once the semester is up, so I'd like to close this out.


Any adventures forthcoming?


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
I've gone through a did a bit of LEB cleaning:
- Changed the links in the Charter here
- Stickied the Tavern/Discussion/News/etc. threads
- Added recent passed proposals to the Wiki (Expertise, change in reviewing characters, Dark Sunblock, 4RP for second character, change in debut material acceptance, etc.)
- Put shorter short cuts on the first Wiki page for Character Creation & House Rules (for a Quick Start)

Let me know if anything is amiss.


First Post
Yeah, approval is a weird sort of thing. Technically, both my characters need approvals; Gark needs a 2nd (ever) and Unit 16 needs both a judge and a 2nd for his recent level (so that he can then level up AGAIN - guess I might as well do that first, actually). But I haven't been pressing for them because Unit 16 isn't even in a game, and Gark's game isn't going to be finishing up anytime too soon. So the need for them to get those approvals at this exact moment is low.

Maybe we need some kind of ranking system? Certain people need to bubble up to the top due to starting / finishing games, while others who are just sitting around aren't in much of a hurry. Or is "pestering judges" pretty much the ranking system for now, and that's probably good enough?


First Post
One problem appears to be the interruptions of life itself. I know that I only get about one approval done a month, if that.

What we need to do is have more people from the community do second approvals and we need all of the judges to make a more concerted effort when possible to get at least one approval done per week. If we could get the current list down to a reasonable number, we could manage it a lot better.

Another thing to do is to not do approvals for people who created a PC and then disappeared. Before doing an approval, a judge should send an Email to that player and if the player never responds, the PC should be put in some sort of limbo state.

I should be able to get several approvals done over the Christmas season due to work not intruding.

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