Let me tell you a story...


First Post
There rests on the boards, the most curious of things...a memory. Some seem's written beautifully, other parts in a child's hand, and other parts too, in the script of a scribe, neat and perfect.

Let me tell you a story...
Of one, two and three.

And should it come to pass,
That one be taken,
Let the others be taken too,
For one is bound twice,
Two is bound twice
And three is bound twice,
So ne'er shall they part
And become useless...

If there be just these two, then whence came the third? It cannot be, merely imagination, fiction, tales and tails...If we do not believe, then it cannot come to pass.
How stupid to halt the tide of change.
Hey now, all you children, leave your lights on.

"There's a monster..."
"Right there..."
"Open your eyes silly!"
. . .
"Now wasn't that fun?"
"Let's do it again!"

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First Post
Strangely enough, another memory appears under the first...​

Let me tell you a story...
Of two, three and one.

Be that their purpose
Or their combined will
None shall e'er control
That which cannot be understood
For they are bound...
To purpose as rivers to rain
It cannot be seen
But it is known.

Dont listen in the dark,
Find the light for it sings.

"Can you see anything?"
"Have we been here before?"
"I dont know."
"I think so."
"Hey...how can you tell?"
"I can smell you."
"I am standing right here."
. . .
"We lost?"
. . .
"Let's do this again."

Ashy F

First Post
Rather humorously a third. In similar script.
Let me tell you a story...
Of three, one and two.

Do not despair, she is both gift and curse, your greatest strength and open weakness...Guard one another, for they are your life.
Dont watch the dark
You cant see it

"Who's there?"
"Just me."
"And me!"
"Are you still grumpy?"
"She sure is."
"Let me sleep."
"Of course..."
"Let's do that again!"


First Post
Let me tell you another story
Of one, two and three

By my heart do I bind them, by my mind do I bind them, and by my soul do I bind them. For my heart might be broken, and my mind might be lost, but my soul is mine to give. There is no greater cause.
Unto each is given
A great gift
When each is opened
Great things can be achieved
Be they for good
Or for evil.

Darkness, what binds you to my shadow?

- - -
"Spot one, spot two, sp...what the?"
"Nice shot!"
"But it looks like a bum sir."


First Post
For the first time the lady is seen placing her memory, the parchment smelling faintly of honeydew, the sweet hint of a summer-time gift.

Let me tell you another
Of two, three and one.

Together forever...

Rumours fit for the devils themselves

"Hey, who's that?"
"Never seen 'em."
"Should we...uhm...go ask?"
"I suppose so."
"Nahhh lets just get 'em."
"That's your answer for everything?"
"Shut up! It is not!"
"Shhhh you two!"
"Uhhh guys, where'd they go?"

Epic Threats

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