Let us make a Necromancer


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Alright guys. Everyone is ticked that there is no Necromancer in the PHB. Thus, let's make our own to tide us over until PhB2 comes out.


Here goes!


"We meet again, feeble mortals. Your weak living flesh is no match for the powers of...the Necromancer!"

Role: Controller

Power Source: Shadow

HP @ 1st level: 10+con

HP per level: 4

Skills: Religion + 3 more: Arcana, Bluff, Intimidate, History, Perception, Stealth.

Abilities: Intelligence, Constitution, Charisma

Profiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged, Staves, Wands, Skulls

Class Features:

Gift of the Necromancer:
Upon reducing an enemy to 0 hp, the necromancer heals damage equal to their level. If they have healed up to their max hp, they gain excess as temporary hit points.

Command Undead:
The Necromancer gains Command Undead as an encounter power

Command Undead
Encounter*Shadow, Necrotic
"You point your hand at the rebellious minion. It drops to it's knees in abject awe of your power"
Standard Action
Target: 1 undead creature
Attack: Int vs Will
Hit: 1d6+Int necrotic damage
Effect: If the creature fails 3 saving throws at a penalty equal to your Cha modifier, it remains permamently under your control. You may issue one order to it as a standard action.
Move: The undead moves where you direct it.
Attack: The undead uses a basic attack on an enemy you indicate
Use a skill on my behalf
Use a power on my behalf

At Will

Necrotic Bolt Necromancer attack 1
"You raise your hand and utter a guttural invocation. A dark bolt of terrible power strikes down a weak mortal soul."
At-will*Shadow, Necrotic
Standard action
Target: 1 creature
Range: 20
Attack: Constitution vs. Fort
Hit: 1d10+Con necrotic damage

Fear Spell Necromancer attack 1
"You glare at the tragets, revealing to them the terror of death. They flee exactly where you want them"
At-will*Shadow, Fear, Necrotic, Psychic
Standard Action
Target:Creatures in a burst 1 10 squares away.
Attack: Int vs Will
Hit: 1d6+Int psychic damage and you slide the targets a number of squares equal to your Charisma modifier.

Necrotic Vortex Necromancer attack 1
"You call upon dark energies to strike down a group of foes."
Standard Action
Encounter*Shadow, Necrotic,
Close burst 5
Attack: Con vs. Fort
Hit: 2d8+con damage

Mortality Necromancer attack 1
"You impress upon the target that it, too, will eventually die"
Standard Action
Encounter*Shadow, Fear, Necrotic, Psychic
Attack: Int vs Will
Target: 1 creature Range: 10
Hit:The target takes 1d6+Int psychic damage and is immobilized until the end of your next turn

Ray of Enfeeblement
as the wizard power

Call Forth the Dead Necromancer Attack 1
"You close your eyes and picture the dead foes in your thoughts. Slowly their corpses stir, then stand up to serve you.
You animate up to 3 corpses within 10 squares as Decripit Skeletons, with a power bonus to attack equal to your Cha. You may command them as a standard action using the commands for command undead (1 per standard action). They crumble into dust at the end of the encounter.

What do you think?
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Looks okay until so far, though you're obviously far from finished. ;)

I'd throw in Ritual Casting as a bonus feat. Some way to make permanent undead minions out of corpses is also required.


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you can also download OppenOffice.org is has a button to export to .pdf and it reads .doc files...

i was looking for a necromancer class that started form 11th level like the spell storm or the blod mage because i feel that necros need that wizzard begining or warlok or cleric or any other class... :)
i might get some pointers from your idea thow....


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Ill be watching your progress, with intress...
Actually what has put me most of with 4th is that they did not include animate dead in the rulebook!


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I think they're trying to stick with the "Cult of Orcas = baaad" theme. Personally I've always lobbied that Necromancy doesn't have to be an evil art. Morticians are creepy, and they deal with the dead, but that doesn't make them automatically evil.

Also, I tried to come up with a good daily power idea and this is what came out.

Rise from Within
You use your influence over dark magics to coax the very bones from the targets body.
Daily Power - Arcane, Necrotic
Standard Action - Range 10
Target: One Creature
Attack: Intelligence vs Fort
Hit: Deal 2d8 + Int necrotic damage, target is weakened and slowed until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Half damage and no effect.
Effect: If this attack brings the target to 0 hp, bring target creature under your control as skeleton that follows your commands until the end of the encounter. (which can be clarified to either the skeleton is destroyed after the encounter, or after the battle you are no longer in control of the undead, but may attempt to control it or destroy it normally.)

Eventually you'll have to define what exactly "skeleton" means. I'm thinking that the necro will be more of a horde/distraction caster, rather then AoE. He'll be able to help the rogue flank and the fighter make use of his marks, without actually endangering himself in the process, but to balance this out both he and his little skeletal minions will need to be pretty weak and not deal a lot of damage. Since most things in 4.0 scale, the minions will have to as well.

Maybe add something to do with bones and bone-carvings. I like the skull-as-implement but it needs to be taken further.

We could even have the two separations be Bone Necro and Flesh Necro. Bone necromancers would create numerous despensible minions where as a Flesh necro would have a stronger, durable minion. One could go down a path of attacking from a far, blocking off areas and setting up corpse 'traps', while the other could bolster himself, others, or his minions. Will I turn my minion into a bomb, or will I give it the ability to leech hp from others this turn? Decisions decisions...
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I to hope they won't stick with evil necromancers.. but after what i have seen until now, i suspect they will.
Does anyone know when they would release necros?

But what ihave seen on this thread me like, please post some playtesting reports, how it runs (if anyone tries one).
as myself i can't do it no group, no time to play..

wouldn't a Necromancer work better as a leader?

I see the Necromancer as the shadow leader (he got some curative power)

and the Illusionist as the shadow controller (with all his illusion, phantasmal terrain and the likes)

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