D&D General (+) Let's give good things to Fighters

To me the fighter even for combat needs some things that are traditionally reserved for the monk
  • A basic combat speed that goes up as they level up
  • Proficiency in more saving throws as they level up - or just a bonus to all saves. The fighter needs to be mentally tough as well as just physically rather than being the chump to mind control
If we want Batman or Cap we basically need 20s across the board in stats of course. And then we need some ability for fighters to read their foes and their bodies better than most.

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A suffusion of yellow
Tactician’s Insight. After the hero has observed or interacted with a creature for 1 minute, he learns whether or not it has higher, equal or lower Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma scores than him. In addition, he learns if the target has more or fewer class levels than him.

Heroic Aura - the Heroic Fighter exudes mighty prowess and inspires trust and confidence in others. She gains advantage on all persuasion and intimidation checks and is treated with a measure of respect wherever she goes.

Leaders Speech - The Heroic Leader can make a Charisma (Persuasion) check contested by the Wisdom (Insight) check of a creature that can understand what he says during 1 minute of talking. On a success, as long as the hero remains within 60 feet of it the creature will have a friendly attitude towards him.

Mighty Leap - you are able to leap up to 30ft, over the heads of medium sized creatures, without provoking opportunity attacks.

Critical Strike
- on a Critical Hit the Fighter can choose to impose a Condition in addition to damage included bleeding, blinded, bruised, dazed, dazzled, entangled, exhaustion, shaken, staggered, stunned

Strike First - Provided he has not acted already, if the Heroic Fighter is attacked he may use his reaction to Strike First with move and attack rolls against his opponent regardless of the intiative count.

Blitzkrieg - the Heroic Fighter can dash into a group of enemies and make an attack roll against all targets along the line of his dash which are in his reach (the dash does not need to be in a straight line), the Fighter then rolls damage. All targets who are successfully hit take the same damage and are knocked prone.

Barrage (2 Actions)- A Heroic Archer can use a bonus action to shoot multiple peices of ammunition up into the air and the subsequent action to add more ammunition to the barrage which strikes all targets in range in a 60 ft cone


Follower of the Way
My personal style, I'd call improv, but DM fiat fits. I've successfully run every system I've touched, that way, including systems I didn't know.
System doesn't matter, to that style.

A system can be perfectly functional, and I can still run it like that with good results, if only to save myself prep time.

Needing to use DM fiat is a different proposition from preferring to.
Okay? The original question @Vaalingrade asked was, "What do you consider a cool thing and how much of your ability to do that cool thing depend on DM fiat?"

To answer that question with "well I like using DM fiat" is to admit that in order for the Fighter player to get to do the cool things, the DM has to use fiat. Other classes (mostly full-casters) do not need such things, but will get DM fiat as well on top of what stuff the game already gives them.
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