Lets try some systems!


GMMichael, thanks yet again! This system you're showing us seems interesting, almost like a more simulationist version of Fate. Care to share its website?
Also, about Shadowrun, yes, you roll a truckload of dice everytime, multiple times per combat turn, which is what is beginning to get on my players nerves...
Anyway, we have only two more scenes, and I think that they are different enought (but still on the combat-heavy side of things!).

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Scene 3

Now that the naughty word hit the fan, she knows that the entire base is on alert, and, as she quickly navigate through empty storage rooms, the Sniper tells the group that some soldiers are loading the prisoner on the back of the truck. At the same time, sounds of intense fire fight can be heard on the assault specialist building... Things are looking dire.

PC reaches the exit of the building, and, hiding by the door frame (she rolls her Stealth poll of 11 dice - (4,5,1,6,3,5,2,5,6,2,4), getting 5 successes, which the soldiers can’t manage to hit with their Notice pools), she can see the truck 8 meters away, with its bed turned to her direction, and 5 soldiers loading the prisoner on it. Also, she can hear the heavily armored soldier running towards her direction from inside the building. In front of the truck, as if to escort it, lies an Armored Personal Carrier, a six-wheleed, armored vehicle.

Without options, she decides to do something desperate – she throws her last flashbang at a position opposite of the truck, near the other building, hoping to attract the attention of the soldiers, so as to be able to stealthy run for the truck, sliding on the gravel, trying to end under its frame.

I kinda liked what PC wanted to do, but thought it a little too convenient for EVERYONE to look at the grenade so she can hide underneath the truck... Her player asked me if he could spend a point of Edge for this “lucky break” and I found it fair - the grenade goes off, and the five soldiers look at the place were it exploded, giving her a precious second to go.

Since she needs to
a) Be fast enough to reach the truck before the soldiers resume their actions;
b) Be agile enough to slide underneath without stopping and
c) Be stealthy enough to do both without being seen or heard.

Since I already was dead tired of so much dice rolling, instead of asking for 3 rolls, I simply told her player to roll the lower of PC Running, Gymnastic and Stealth skill, needing 3 successes - yes, I came with it on spot, and no, it is not a rule in the book.

The player agreed, and, having 8 dice for Running (PC’s lower skill from the three), decides to spend another point of Edge (being down to 2 now), add her Edge Rating of 5 to the roll. Also, and very important, when using Edge, your dice explode when the result is 6.

She then rolls 13d - getting (1,3,3,1,1,4,2,6,5,5,1,5,6), rerolls 3 dice, for (1,5,4), or a total of 6 successes, overkill, I know, but PC was really afraid of being shot at by five guys.

So, as soon as the grenade goes off, she starts sprinting towards the truck, getting to a sliding position when near it, ending perfectly underneath its bed.
The soldiers are confused by the grenade, but, not finding who threw it, redouble their effort in loading the prisoner. As quick as they are done, the truck, and the APC in front of it, start to move, getting away.

She finds a place to grab underneath the truck, but there is nowhere to actually support her entire body, so she will be dragged by the truck on the gravel, which can be very painful.
She is dragged for just a short distance, though, because the sniper activates his anti-vehicular mine, which explodes nearby the APC.

Ok, there is no Anti-Vehicular Mine on the gear listing, so we improvised it as being the same as a high-explosive rocket, with the distance it blown from the APC being determined by the normal scatter rules, and using his Demolition roll to reduce the distance.
2d6 is rolled for scatter - (3,3) for 6 meters of base scatter - and, even though we did not posted the sniper stats here, I think it an interesting rule to test in other systems.

He has Demolitions at 10 dice, and rolls them - (6,1,1,3,4,2,5,4,1,5) - 3s, the scatter is reduced from 6 to 3, and so the mine exploded 3 meters from the APC. Its base damage is 21 lethal, with an AP value of -2, and blast of -2/m so the damage is reduced by 6 points, to 15 lethal, AP -2.

The APC has an astounding 18 Body and 18 Armor, so it resists with 34 dice (36 -2 because of the AP). That’s too many dice to roll, lets use the rule where you can buy successes at 1 sucess/4 dice - thats 8 successes, so it takes 7 points of damage, damaging it, but not being ever close to actually wrecking it. Its driver stops it, searching for more mines. As the APC is right in front of it, the truck stops too.

The soldiers jump from the bed of the truck, and the assault specialist, the sniper and the decker drones engage then, creating a distraction that PC uses to crawl from underneath the truck, run to its cabin and (try to) surprise the truck driver.

Time for another surprise test - the driver must earn 3 successes on a Reaction+Intuition test. He rolls (5,1,4,1,4,1,1) - 1 success, and he is surprised… PC runs to the door and quickly opens it, engaging with a very surprised driver!

She tries to punch him in the face, using Edge (she is now down to her last point), and thus adding 5 dice to the roll. She has Unarmed at 10 dice, so she rolls 15d (5,5,2,1,3,3,2,3,6,4,3,1,1,5,2), and rerolls the 6, for (6), another 6! She rolls it yet again, this time for a 4, for a total of 6 successes.

PC’s punch does a base 5 points of stun damage, increased to 11 because of the extra successes. The soldier then rolls his Body (4) + his Armor (12) to resist - (2,6,4,1,1,4,6,1,1,5,1,4,6,5,3,5) - 6 successes, and takes 5 points of stun damage. Time for Initiative.

PC rolls 10+2d6 - (1,6) - 17, Driver rolls 7+1d6 (-1 because of the stun damage) - (4) - 10.

PC is first, and tries to grab the driver. To do this she rolls her Unarmed Skill, at 10d, and gets (3,2,3,5,4,6,3,4,5,2) - 3 successes. The guard tries to defend with Intuition + Reaction, 7d, -1 because he is wounded, and rolls (5,4,4,2,2,1) - 1 success. Now we compare PC Strength + hits (or 5+2, for a total of 7) with the Driver Physical Limit of 5, and, as PC result is higher, she is grabbing the poor man.

In his turn, he tries to escape, rolling Strength + Unarmed, or 7d, -1 because he is wounded. He needs the same two successes that PC got, and rolls (1,5,3,1,4,5) - 2 successes, and is free; talk about a frustrating course of action…

In her next action, at Initiative 7, PC punches him again, rolling 10d, and getting (1,5,2,1,6,2,6,1,3,5) - 4 successes. The driver defends himself with Intuition + Reaction, for 7d, and gets (6,2,3,4,5,6,6) - 4 successes! He defends himself, and it is his turn!

He tries to Quick Draw the pistol in his holster, and rolls Reaction (4) + Pistols (4) - (5,6,2,2,4,5,6,2) - 4 successes, he was able to quickly draw his pistol and shoot at PC in the same action!

He normally rolls 8d for pistol, but this is reduced by -1 because of his wounds, and a further -3 because he is firing while in Melee, so he rolls only 4d, for a result of (6,5,5,1), still 3 successes, PC better be good at defending herself!

The player, not wanting to lose 5 points of Initiative next round, tries to use the base defense of Intuition + Reaction, or 10d in her case. She rolls (6,6,4,3,4,4,4,5,1,2) - 3 successes, and dodges just by! End of turn.

Next turn, both roll initiative again, with PC rolling a (4,4) - 8+10 = 18, and the driver rolling (1), for a total of 7 initiative. She is about to punch him again when both hear a shot!

Sniper, tired of seeing PC struggling with the driver, aimed his sniper at him and shot through the windshield. Again, he is not the focus of our tests, but this is yet another situation where is cool to see how each system deals with it.

The sniper rolls 13 dice to attack with his rifle, he is 200 meters away (-1 for snipers), spent his last action aiming (+1), and there is a light glare from the windshield (-1), for a total pool of 12d. He rolls (6,6,6,3,3,6,2,4,4,4,6,6), what a huge amount of 6! Pity he didn’t used Edge to explode then… but he got 6 successes nevertheless.

The driver can’t defend himself, as he was unaware, but he had partial cover from the truck (his legs are protected), so he can “defend” with 2d, and rolls (5,4), lowering the sniper attack to 5 successes. Time to calculate damage.

The sniper rifle does a base 13 points of lethal damage, with AP -4. This damage is increased to 18 because of the successes, and lowered to 17 because of the glass, and the driver must resist it with his Body (4) plus Armor (12), -4 from the AP, or 12 dice. He rolls (3,1,4,5,3,6,5,3,5,4,4,5) or 5 successes, taking 13 points of damage and dying on the spot!
Edit: just for clarification, since the bullet went through the windshield. Shadowrun, as always, have specific rules for shooting at barriers AND through barriers. The windshield has Structure 2 (think Body) and Armor 4. It rolls Structure + Armor (or 6 dice) to resist the shot, and, obviously, fails. Now, normally it would take 2 damage (its Structure) and be pierced, but there is an exception for "penetrating weapons" as the bullet is - the material is pierced and only absorbs 1 point of damage.

PC recoils from the shot (and the blood that splashes), and then quickly throws the body to the ground, assuming control of the truck. At, the assault specialist exits the building and enters the truck bed, where, after some fighting, he secures the prisoner and eliminates all opposition inside it.

End of Scene 3

I think that it is worthy of note that normally, as GMMichael said some times during his test run of Modo (his system), there are many times where I don't think I would call for a roll at all, but, since I GM'ed this session with convertion to other systems in mind, I asked for rolls when I though that the scene could roll differently with other rules...


Sorry for the delay, guys, and, finally, the last scene:

Scene 4

PC starts driving the truck, intending on dodging/driving around the APC and getting the vehicle far away so as to evade any pursuiters. As there are still 3 soldiers right on her path, she will try to run them over...

First thing is to notice that I didn't put her Driving skill level on the topic - she has it at 1 plus Reaction, or 7d.

Since just driving around the APC is easy, I told her player that PC would only crash into the other vehicle if she fumbles her skill roll. She rolls (1,6,5,6,6,3,4) - 4 successes, nice! Now the soldiers all get to roll to try to get out of the way, and, wisely, all of them use their full defense, rolling Reaction (4)+Intuition (3) +Willpower (3), or 10 dice. The results are (2,3,5,4,2,3,1,4,5,1), (5,5,5,3,2,5,3,4,4,4) and (6,1,6,4,2,1,2,5,1,5), one of the soldiers didn't jump fast enough and was hit by the truck.

I didn't want to write the full stats for the vehicles (as there is already too much info), but the truck has Speed 3 and Acel 1, which means that it can acelerate to up to 10m/s on the first round of combat, so it is at that speed that it hit the poor soldier. At this speed, it does a base of Body/2 points of damage, which translate to 9 points of damage, resisted with the target Body (4)+Armor(12)-6, or 10 dice.

He rolls (3,5,5,2,4,1,5,5,6,1) - 5, resists 5 points of damage, and takes only 4, he was just singed by the truck, spiralling onto the ground, stunned, but alive.

As the truck acelerates, the Assault Specialist warns PC - The APC is on pursuit! Time for a chase!

PC has a head start, since the APC driver was unaware the truck was stolen, so they begin at medium range (11-50m). Both roll initiative:
PC - 10+2d6 - (3,6) - 19 Driver - 7+1d6 - (4) - 11

PC goes first and tries to break away - she can get (Aceleration) range categories away from the APC, or just 1, at Acel 1. She rolls her Reaction + Driving skill of 7, and gets (5,1,1,5,6,4,6) - 4 successes, she must beat the truck Maneuver statistic (which is 3), and she succeds, breaking into long range (51-150m).
APC turn - they don't want to kill the prisioner, so the APC gunner will not shoot its rockets, but he will fire the medium machinegun at the truck, trying to slow it down. The gunner has Gunnery + Agility at 9, the weapon is stabilized, so no penalty for shooting on the move, and the truck is big, for +2 to hit. He is trying to shot-out the tire, for -4, at medium range (-1), using a long burst (6 bullets).

His total pool is 6d, and he rolls (4,6,3,1,2,3) only 1 success.
PC will try to evade the attack, but has only two options - normal "free" defense of Intuition+Reaction (10 dice) or forfeiting her last action to add her Intuition again to the test, for a total of 14 dice. In both cases, she is at -5, because of the long burst.

Wanting to really get the hell of the place, she risks the lower defense, and rolls 10-5 = 5d, getting (5,5,4,6,6) - 4 successes, and easily evades the burst, but not the swearing and cursing coming from her friend on the truck's bed, as the assault specialist is thrown from side to side inside it.

Now the APC driver tries to close up the distance, and rolls his Driving at 7d, -2d because of the damage to the vehicle. He gets (5,5,2,2,4) - 2 successes, not enough to hit the APC "Maneuver" stat of 3, so he is still at long range.

Now is PC turn again, and she tries to further distance herself from the APC - she rolls again with the same pool (7d), and gets (4,2,3,1,3,1,6) - only 1 success, so she can't move away just yet.

On the APC crew's turn, the driver tries again to close the distance, rolling the same 5d, and gets (4,3,5,6,2) - 2 successes yet again, and can't close in; the two vehicles are speeding through the wastes, without one of them gaining nor giving terrain to the other. The gunner fires again at the tires of the truck, rolling the same 6d, and gets an abysmal (2,2,2,4,2,1), missing it entirely, end of the turn.

Next turn we decide to use the same initiative for everyone, so PC goes again. She tries again to move further away from the APC, and, rolling 7d, gets (3, 4, 1, 6, 5, 2, 2) - 2 successes, not enough to gain distance.

The driver rolls his 5d and gets (1,4,3,1,1,1), no successes, and more than half the pool ends in 1's - a critical glitch! The APC hits a hill sideways and loses control, being catastrophically flipped over. The truck disappears far away, as the wrecking APC is a little more than a cloud of dirt and dust in PC's rear mirror.

Just out of curiosity - each occupant on the APC must resist the vehicle BODY in damage, or 18 points of damage... They each should roll Body (4) + Armor (15) - 6, or 15d. They are very, very dead.

Well, end of the scenes. The session went for a couple more minutes, as a scout helicopter joined the chase while PC went to gather the Sniper and the Decker, but we have not played it yet.

As you can see, the system is very detailed, having tables upon tables of modifiers, but there is too much dice rolling, every action generaly envolves two or more pool of 6+ dice being rolled, which not only halts the game, but also tire the players. The system is a gear, and gun, porn paradise, but maybe its my age, but I do not find it that appealing anymore...

Anyway, it is done, and now I will begin to play it in EABA. Next post I will talk a little about EABA. Until next time!


I've read some PbTA games, but it don't seems like my type of game, I can't wrap my head around the way the GM should be... GMing it, and, as the forever GM in my group (except for D&D), probably I will never play one of those as a player to actually experience it.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I've read some PbTA games, but it don't seems like my type of game, I can't wrap my head around the way the GM should be... GMing it, and, as the forever GM in my group (except for D&D), probably I will never play one of those as a player to actually experience it.
As a fellow forever DM, I use GenCon Online each year to play new games. It's been a great experience each year.


I've read some PbTA games, but it don't seems like my type of game, I can't wrap my head around the way the GM should be... GMing it, and, as the forever GM in my group (except for D&D), probably I will never play one of those as a player to actually experience it.
I'm going to give it a shot, at least, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my table can figure it out.


As a fellow forever DM, I use GenCon Online each year to play new games. It's been a great experience each year.
Yeah, but my english is not that good. I can hear, write and understand sjut right, but I have to speak a little to slow to be able to participate on an online game in english, so I guess that I'm out for it. But I'm ok with it, actually.
Would anyone here try to "translate" these scenes in this topic to one of the PbTA games? It would be nice!

And sorry for the delay in posting the EABA conversion! Things are a little frantic in my work these days...

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Yeah, but my english is not that good. I can hear, write and understand sjut right, but I have to speak a little to slow to be able to participate on an online game in english, so I guess that I'm out for it. But I'm ok with it, actually.
It'd be worth peeking at the GenCon Online list this year. (Registration is free.) They have a number of games in other languages, although obviously fewer than in English.

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