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LFP Central Kentucky (Winchester, KY)


Did you grow up playing Dungeons & Dragons in the '70s and '80s and want to get started again?

Maybe you are a seasoned adventurer who hasn't stopped gaming since 1st Edition?

Have you heard of Dungeons & Dragons but never played and always wanted to learn how to? There is no dressing up or sword fighting. Mostly just play acting and conflict resolution is handled with dice. In fact we quite boringly sit around a table just like playing Monopoly or other board games.

[FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif, Times New Roman, serif]All are welcome! Including spouses and significant others. I'm looking for other socially well adjusted adults that bathe regularly, have jobs and families/responsibilities but can commit to regularly play in in a weekly D&D game.[/FONT]

We will be playing Monday Nights (roughly 6pm to 10pm) in Winchester, KY. I'll be running 5th Edition rules but using classic 1st edition adventure modules by the some of the founding fathers of D&D like: Gygax, Cook, Arneson, etc.

My goal is to have a regular gaming group that meets weekly to primarily play D&D but also other tabletop board, miniature and card games.

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