[LFP][Paid][Online][Weekly][Star Wars FFG] - The Edge of Hope - Fridays 5p PST. Session 0 tonight!

"Rebellions are built on hope." - Jyn Erso

The Empire is consolidating its power, extending its power through the core systems and moving rimward. The rebellion flourished in the cracks between power structures, slowly building its influence and strength. Though it grows stronger, there is the feeling that it will never be enough, but still they keep fighting.

As the Empire continues to tighten its grip, more and more people become disillusioned with the way that the galaxy is going, but still more toe the line out of fear. Some see the Empire as the glue that the galaxy needs to stay together, while others simply find opportunity in the chaos.

Having secured Yavin IV as a base of operations, the rebellion is on the hunt. More is needed. More people, more equipment, and more places to hide. This is the story of a group of spacers who have thrown their lot in with the rebellion find themselves working to find what the rebellion needs, wherever and however they might need to look.

Welcome to the Edge of Hope, a game set in the Star Wars Universe (Rogue One timeframe, approximately 2 BBY) utilizing the Fantasy Flight Games system. Come play a rebel working to advance the cause of freedom from tyranny through diplomacy, espionage, combat and persuasion.


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