ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist


I'm horribly embarrassed for both myself and the entire EnWorld community that no one has mentioned SB Yamato (aka Star Blazers) until this moment.

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A unique battleship,
using new technology,
from another land,
to power a short-range,
but devastating weapon.

Is there some other source material for that?

Babylon 5 - Crusade had the same concept.



Babylon 5 - Crusade had the same concept.
I'm a fan of JMS, but...
1: He's lying; Crusade comes from SBY. They're even on a mission to save Earth from alien-inflicted illness.
2: He's a repeat offender. The monastery in DoFS isn't from Canticle, my ass.

Also, Coaltongue is more similar to Yamato than to Excalibur.


I already had the feeling when we first met them in adventure 6, but due to a recent game release, I cannot help but wonder whether Rush and Merton are hommages to Reno and Rude from FF7. The similarities between Reno and Rush are exceptionally striking, even if Reno lacks the immovable rods.

That similarity isn't intentional. The duo came from a game I co-GMed back in '04, where my friend and I just brainstormed funky gadget weapons, and he came up with the personalities.


Aww, but I really like both duos.

Also, now that we finished, I got to take a glimpse into the source material myself and see what I can find.

My first original find back in the days had been the von Recklinghausen doctors which might or might not be another coincidence: Heinrich von Recklinghausen - Wikipedia - his dad is referenced there, too

(As a sidenote: Almost bursting into laughter because you just hear the name Morbus Recklinghausen in a diagnostic lesson with the other teachers/students not knowing what's going on was quite the moment)

Also, from #13:

World of Ruin - oh my, FF6 again. The world map in the second half is called World of Ruin and I'd totally make that joke in my recaps :D
You're my only hope - Star Wars, Princess Leia's famous quote "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope"
God is dead - Quote from philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

from #12
Rock of Ages - a movie, a rock festival and also a reference to the Rock of Cashel (which is referenced as the "stone of destiny" in other fiction)

This is real niche, but there is a figure of speech, "A pun is the lowest form of humor."

Some genius later invented a story about a group of comedians who get lost in the mountains with only two books: a collection of puns, and a naturalist's guide to mountain cats. They were getting stalked by something, and so - hoping to get some advice on surviving - they flipped to the section on pumas, and learned that puma species are named after conquerors. The Carthaginian puma is seen on the highest peaks. The Mongol puma is seen in middle elevations.

One of the comedians points out that they're actually in a mountain valley, at a pretty low elevation. So what cat is this the habitat for?

Well it turns out, "A Hun is the lowest form of puma."


I'd just remembered that joke when I needed to come up with a name for the evil ocean pirate plane in the Gyre.


So I think I found an obscure reference, not necessarily "pop culture". There is an oil painting of an explosion in the player's guide section "Explosive Alchemicals" that is titled "The Explosion of the Delft Magazine". Was Stover Delft named after the city in the Netherlands?

The Khalundurinn was explicitly requested by the comic's author, who pledged to our Admiral o the High Seas project on Kickstarter at the tier that would have us name a ship whatever he wanted.


Bree is at least as old als LotR, I suppose :)

But I have to admit that I regularly draw comparisons to ZG in a couple of shows that I watched. The last ones were Carnival Row (d'oh), The Alienist and Fullmetal Alchemist.
And I still believe that there would be one WoW designer who knows RangerWickett's adventures.

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