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ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

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Andrew Moreton

As may be apparent I am rereading the 2nd act of zeitgeist
Book 9
That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie referring to Rock Rackus which is scary

Chapter heading Much Ado --I think a shakespeare reference

Gather No moss-- A rolling stone(or rock) gathers no moss

Elemenraty deductions---- My dear Watson, the whole scene though is more of an Agatha Christie style murder mystery revelation
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Can't believe I forgot to list The Dreaming.

Hmm... the Bleak Gate... so many stories about the afterlife have gates in them. Maybe Senkaimon from Bleach?

I've never seen Bleach. Honestly, I think I might have cribbed the name from the old OLD setting Daemonforge, which was the original reason for the website EN World, back when it was just a partner site to Eric Noah's 3rd Edition News & Rumors Site. Around 2001 or '02 we created our own setting (hence the name, EN World), and one of the conceits was that dead souls couldn't make it to the afterlife, because the "Gates of Dusk and Dawn" were sealed. So ghosts lingered all over the place.


Eh, Harlock is just a vague allusion to the anime. I wasn't explicitly shooting for tentacle hentai, though, no.

The "Cigarette Smoking Man" moniker was definitely yoinked from The X-Files, but the name and some background elements of Nicodemus were drawn from my dad.
Your dad accidentally set up the murder of a goddess?


No, but my dad took up smoking while in the Air Force simply so he would be allowed more break time, and got the nickname "Nicotine Nock."

Andrew Moreton

90% perfect plan, only problem is they got the wrong god killed, but getting a god killed is hard so 90% successful. Really the story of Nicodemus career.
Build a new nation of grand philosophy Yes, but it gets burned to the ground within a short space of time so 90%
Change the nature of the universe ritual 90% complete but small flaws means world will soon be destroyed in the Gyre

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