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ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

Who here has seen Community's episode Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ?

King Dukain who has the Sword of the Black Needles is named after Fat Neil's character.

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I've been recently reading through the Dresden Files. There's a character named Nicodemus. Also the Fey Courts and the Great Hunt. Also I cant help but compare John Marcone/Morgan Cippiano.

Just reminded myself of another.

In adventure thirteen, two sections are titled

You and Your Friends
Versus Me and the Revolution

which is a reference to a moment at 1:57 in this video.


Andrew Moreton

Two more my players caught
Apparently the bullet hole in Riffians armour is a Harry Dresden reference , not having read that I am mot certain but one of my players was.

And I cannot believe it took me this long to get this one, The Webway-- link to WH40K and the Eladrin Webway

We're editing the ZEITGEIST setting book for 5e, and in the Ber section I was reminded of this: Bruse le Roye = Bruce Leroy.



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