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Release Live And Let Live - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG


A daring foray into the hyper-flourishing outer reaches of the Wish Machine's nesting place uncovers the ruins of a seemingly abandoned facility. But the facility wasn't just abandoned, it was deliberately blown up. Entering as a looter, but likely leaving with a confusing mix of guilt and relief, the lone character who came here will soon learn firsthand why the facility was targeted for destruction.

Live And Let Live
is a 38-page adventure for the science fiction deck-building RPG, Aralsk-7. The adventure provides a glimpse of one of the government-run facilities built to study - up close - the effects of the A-1 Anomaly (the so-called "Wish Machine"). This particular laboratory, however, was destroyed for some unknown reason.

Live And Let Live is now available on DriveThruRPG:


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