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Release Bonanza - An Adventure For Aralsk-7 RPG


A renowned "old timer" and long-time resident of Vozrozhdeniya has died, and now whatever loot he accumulated over the years is up for grabs. A mad rush is underway by multiple parties to find the old man's hideout and plunder it before anyone else. If the player characters are lucky, they may just be the ones to find the old cabin, uncovering the secret hidden within it.

is a 19-page adventure for the science fiction deck-building RPG, Aralsk-7. Rival propektors aren't the only threat the PCs must contend with: in the way of finding a rumored treasure trove also stand the mysteries of this particular corner of Rebirth Island, and a few secrets best left buried.

Bonanza is now available on DriveThruRPG:


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