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Release The Emissary - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG


During a visit to an isolated Nest on Rebirth Island all hell breaks loose when government forces attack, with only the lucky few escaping with their lives. But it soon becomes apparent the authorities came looking for someone in particular, and when that someone is finally forced to reveal himself, he puts forward a tempting offer. The PCs are looking to recoup their losses... and he's looking for a few tough men to recover data he claims is vital to understanding the nature of the “Wish Machine”. Are the characters up to the task?

The Emissary
is a 40-page adventure for the science fiction deck-building RPG, Aralsk-7 that focuses on just one of the many secret projects being undertaken within the forbidden boundaries of the island's Exclusion Zone.

This book also introduces rules for "companions", allowing player characters to recruit followers who lend them the use of special "companion traits" that aid in the fight for survival on Rebirth Island.

The Emissary is now available on DriveThruRPG:


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