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Aralsk-7, Prospectors of Rebirth Island is a mix of classic tabletop RPG and deck-building card game.

Loosely based on themes from the novel "Roadside Picnic", "Annhiliation", and the STALKER, Chernobylite, and Desolation video games, Aralsk-7 is set on a mysterious island that, after a strange visitation by alien intelligences, has been closed off within a prohibited "Exclusion Zone". Players take on the role of "prospectors" who defy the ban on visiting the island to look for abandoned loot, document strange phenomenon, and search for much sought-after alien "artifacts" with unpredictable properties. Loot from expeditions into the Exclusion Zone is traded or sold for better equipment, increasing a prospector's chances of survival on "Rebirth Island".

Like a traditional RPG, players design characters with a specific role, as well as unique traits and flaws. Characters also improve with experience. Actions in combat are determined by draws from an Action Deck; each character has his/her own deck that can be customized to remove weaker cards and add better, more efficient cards, simulating growing experience in a fight, and the adoption of new techniques. The cards themselves range from basic attacks to defensive maneuvers, while others are kept in play to provide ongoing bonuses, etc. For injury, each weapon in the game has its own damage template/overlay, simulating the wound cavitation of real firearm calibers. These, superimposed over the Body Chart, indicates the extent of a wound, including organ damage. Injuries tick off boxes such as Pain, Blood Loss, Cardiac Stress, etc. which all have differing effects on a wounded character. For trade, every item in the game (even mundane items) has a basic value that is modified depending on variable market conditions. Characters selling weapons at a hideout that was just swept by government forces, for example, can command a high price for their goods. But on the other hand, certain random events (which are rolled before trading begins) can indicate a surplus of one or more goods, meaning their is little demand for them.

Aralsk-7 is currently only available as a downloadable pdf on DrivethruRPG


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