Release Risk vs Reward - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG


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Risk Vs. Reward is a free-form "sandbox" adventure depicting an isolated area of Vozrozhdeniya where assorted dangers - and a few lucrative finds - share the same acreage. With a prospektor's nest conveniently located nearby, the PCs are free to explore, scavenge, and loot at their own pace. But the old addage is as true here as anywhere else: with greater risk comes greater reward. The characters can scout around the area avoiding the dangerous hot spots, picking up some sellable loot in the process, but getting their hands on the stuff of real value will require taking risks, risks that range from injurious... to downright deadly.

Risk vs. Reward
is a 22-page adventure for the science fiction deck-building RPG, Aralsk-7 that depicts just one small forested corner of Rebirth Island, but for those who are willing to risk their lives, it is a place where a potential fortune awaits the bold.

Risk vs. Reward is now available on DriveThruRPG:


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