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Lockwood Contest Winner! Krail Stromquism by TODD LOCKWOOD!

Kai Lord

And here she is, the grand prize winner chosen from over 150 awesome entries in the ENWorld Exclusive Todd Lockwood character contest as revealed in this thread: http://www.enworld.org/forums/showthread.php?t=60573

I chose Krail with about 29 other semifinalists, then Todd chose her and nine other great characters to be in the finals, though he did indicate that he hoped Krail would win. I posted a poll that everyone on the boards got to vote on and sure enough, Krail won that too. Congratulations! What a badass character! :D

More great work by Todd Lockwood can be viewed at www.toddlockwood.com.

Krail Stromquism:


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Kai Lord

And here is Krail's winning entry:

Krail Stromquism

Krail is an attractive woman in her early 20s. Her eyes are piercing but open and expressive. They retain an attractive innocence yet harbor a knowing maturity. If you've ever met someone and felt they had an "old soul", Krail exudes that quality. Young beauty harboring aged maturity.

Shes young and attractive, beautiful some would say. She has a strong voluptuous body and dresses to show it off. She has no qualms exploiting the weakness of men to her advantage especially in combat.

Her arms and armor are always silvered with a heavy black patina worked into the recesses and designed to show off her form. I envision the impossible plate mail boustier, cut low for ample cleavage. (Krails starting to sound really slutty but I swear shes not, I am, but thats another story)

She has a few favorite accessories. One is a Collar of Domination and its your run of the mill studded black leather (dog) collar. Her Custom built Wings of Flying, a long cloak of darkest raven feathers, it trails on the ground. A flaming long sword, no doubt a personal affront to her father and his choice of weaponry. And a Silvered Shield to match her armor.

Early on in her career shes gets tainted by chaos along with most of the rest of the PCs and pics up an oddity or two. First, tattoos, sharp, abstract, angular, tribal tattoos appear in various places on her body. Later on, in a second tainting, they all connect and begin to shift and change and move around on her body. In a final taintfilled episode she grows rams horns. She likes to keep her hair long.
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