Lockwood Contest Winner! Krail Stromquism by TODD LOCKWOOD!

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Darth Shoju

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That's amazing, but I expected nothing less from Todd. Congrats to the winner, you've got the type of character that people really dig (including me :)). And of course huge props to Kai Lord, who made this all possible. You're the best!

I'd also like to thank all the people who entered the contest, you've provided me with a million ideas to steal for NPCs for my campaign. ;)
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Chain Lightning

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I was anxious to see Lockwood's interpretation from Krail's description. Its very cool. I was trying to imagine what Lockwood and his style would do for this character. Now that I see the final version....its really sweet. [Applause]


World of Kulan DM
Awsome picture! Lockwood does it again. The contest was such a great idea. Kudos to Kai for making this happen.

I'm so jealous. :p



This reminds me of the old Forgotten Realms comic from DC when the female lead from 'Curse of the Azure Bonds' showed up...

halfing thief: "Nice Armor."
chainmail bustied heroine: "It's magical."
halfling thief: "Oh, I just BET it is."


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