Looking for a unarmed fighter class name

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Irda Ranger

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Yeah, this is a good martial art to go with if you want to avoid eastern fluff the monk has. The term for a practitioner is apparently called a Pankratiast.

Pankration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From the article, "Internal energy was developed through breathing exercises, the equivalent of ‘Chi’ in Chinese arts, known as pneuma (πνεῦμα)."

Sounds like you're just replacing eastern fluff with Greek fluff. :)

But I like it. It's a bit hard to pronounce though; doesn't flow. Also from the article, I like "panmachia" (total combat). "Panmachian" could work. Or just "Pamach" as a derivative short word.

I also would suggest "Irregular", as no one else has mentioned it.


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Look in my sig and follow the link to the Monk database and you'll find a host of names that have been used for unarmed combatants.

Besides those, I always liked "Martial Artist."


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Outside of monk? Brawler, bruiser, pugilist, and martial artist are the first four names that come to mind, though they've already been mentioned. I think they key thing is to stick to something people will recognize when they read it (IE if someone reads martial artist, they probably have a good idea of what the class does), unless you want something more obscure. Of course, that doesn't mean you should go with Smashesyouwithhisfistsguy.


I prefer Brawler/Wrestler as the name allows for two basically different styles of hand-to-hand combatant that do not evoke an Eastern influence.

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