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Looking for gamers for MY Pathfinder+3.5 DRAGONLANCE War of the Lance Campaign in Leavenworth Kansas


First Post
I would like to meet 2-3 new players, which meets every 2 weeks to play in my active campaign.
My campaign that i run (I am the DM) is based on Pathfinder 1e rules as specifics, PLUS 3.5 rules merged in an ad-hoc fashion (where if any rule conflicts, my HOUSE RULES and then, on subservient level, Pathfinder 1e RAW books, take ultimate precedence)
ALL 3.5e content (as well as homebrew and internet-based) content is allowed to be REVIEWED by me and maybe used in character creation, etc...
SO YOU ARE FREE TO YOUR HEART's CONTENT to design and come up with your ideal character creation.
EXCEPT HOWEVER ANY LIMITATIONS as i have set out in my House Rules document (which i will hand out free copies to, if anyone is interested in joining).

I have been running this campaign for about 1 year now, and it is fairly well established among my already 6 players.
IDEALLY i want 2-3 more though as we are about to finish my created prequel and are about to start diving headlong into the main Campaign Books, starting with Dragons of Autumn.

We are at level 6 now, but will be level 7 when we "start the books".
Anyone interested should make a level 6 character, and YOU WILL NEED a copy of my (printed or PDF) House Rules document.

I WOULD REALLY LOVE to have more female players in our group. We have only 1 currently.

I have 6 players already, filling the following roles / races / classes:

1 Shapeshifter Were-Mouse/Elven Swashbuckler (male player/character)
1 Kender Druid (female character, male player)
1 Human Fighter (female player/female character)
1 Dwarven Fighter (male)
1 Sylph Eldritch Rogue/Wizard (male p/c)
1 Elven Ranger (male p/c)

As i said i want 2-3 more and then i will consider my group closed and "full". The campaign ideally calls for almost 8 players

There is also an NPC "healer" in the form of a Pathfinder Alchemist that i run as an NPC who tags along and can be useful.
(Thanks to the "no immediate divine spellcasting limitations" of Krynn/Dragonlance in this campaign, this is a great loophole for us all).

i am open to ANY AND ALL RACES -- EXCEPT HALFLINGS which in this world are in the form of what are called KENDER. Use Kender in the Dragonlance Campaign Source Book (DLCS) instead.

And i am open to ANY AND ALL CLASSES -- EXCEPT PALADINS. There can NOT be any paladins in this game (Krynn has it's own version and if anyone is interested in paladin-like-play then ask me to help you build a Knight of Solamnia - they are the equivalent of paladins in this world)

I am honestly a conservative REFORMED (Presbyterian) Christian, but MY PLAYERS ARE NOT any such combinations.
I am NOT "LGBTQ-wxyz friendly" but probably most of my players could be or are.
I am NOT FLEXIBLE on those things. But my players are another story.... sigh

We play in a public setting and so language has to be moderate and controlled by YOU.
Also, any outside food and drink (including alcohol) IS ALLOWED but we must clean up after ourselves.
And please respect SOME COURTESY by limiting your phone use while in-game.

We meet at the local HUD skyscraper building, in the back-room kitchen/dining/cafeteria, located in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas (ZIP 66048), every OTHER Saturday at 3 pm.
We just had a game session on March 2nd so that means our next game, tentatively, would be again on Saturday 3pm on March 16th. We are under 5 sessions left before tying up my prequel pre-campaign and then getting into the MAIN MEAT (as it were) of the actual MWP Codex books of Dragons of Autumn and onward.

We start the main "real" WOTL campaign books within or under 5 sessions from March 16th. Could be less. I hope soon.

Anyone interested please contact me, Ryan Hall, at 913-890-3005, or via email at: prophetpx AT gmail DOT com

Thank you.

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