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Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for games to play with a large number (10+) of people.

The games need to be (more or less) kid friendly as we have a couple of 8 year olds (going on 15) but also entertaining for the adults, some of whom may be alcoholically impaired... We're all pretty tech savvy. Board games would be preferred, but we do have a PS4 as well. No particular budget issues.

I've already had one-night Werewolf and Resistance recommended, but any other suggestions would be great.


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Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
I'm not sure how suitable it is for 8-year olds, but there's also Codenames.

We play Codenames with my 8 year old and it works well. There's also Codenames: Pictures (Same premise as Codenames but there are odd pictures instead of words.) that remove any vocabulary hurdles that even younger kids have.

Two Rooms and a Boom (http://www.tuesdayknightgames.com/tworoomsandaboom/) sounded like a fun one but we never have that many people on a board game night, so I haven't played it.

Apples to Apples would be my go-to game with that mix. Superfight could work with the right group of kids. Card Against Humanity would be for after the kids go to bed.

I could also recommend "The Benton Game" aka "The Paper Game". It goes as follows:

- Everyone gets a sheet of paper and a pencil.

- Everyone writes a sentence at the top of the paper.

- Paper is passed to the left/right.

- Everyone reads their sentence, then draws a small picture or rebus of the sentence in the space below.

- Fold the top of the paper over so that the sentence is hidden and only the picture can be seen.

- Paper is passed to the left/right.

- Everyone looks at their picture, then writes what they thought the initial sentence was in the space below.

- Fold the top of the paper over so that the picture is hidden and only the sentence can be seen.

- Paper is passed to the left/right.

- Repeat until the paper is full.

- At the end, have everyone read aloud the series of sentences on their paper. Laugh, enjoy, repeat with more paper.


Waterworks is indeed awesome, so I agree with that suggestion.

I was going to say, Cards Against Humanity, but that is rather less than more kid-friendly. And it's best played when drinking.

However, I recall playing Mad Libs when I was about middle-school age and having a lot of fun.


David Jose
I'm assuming that I'm coming to this party a little late, but figured I'd chime in anyway.

That age range is difficult, and a lot of it really depends on how savvy those 8 year olds are. As Deset said Apples to Apples is probably the safest bet. If the kids are little bit more on the mature side of 8, they can probably handle Dixit, which might be more of a treat for the adults. I've played it with 8 and 9 year olds before, and I'd say that half the time they just didn't grok the subtlety needed and just got frustrated. All in all, I think that that'll be the biggest hurdle for the style of party games I tend to like.

Two Rooms and a Boom is one of my absolute favorite party games , but it involves (and this also goes for Mafia/Werewolf and The Resistance) a lot of deceitful, manipulative backstabbery, bald face lying which might leave a kid that age overwhelmed. Mafia or Werewolf can handle pretty much any number over 7, The Resistance is good for about 7-10, Two Rooms only starts getting good with 12 or more.

You had mentioned One Night Werewolf, which has less lying and more formalized logic, but I've never played it with that many people. Not sure if the game still sticks together well with that many people.

Spyfall is probably too much for kids to be able to handle up against a bunch of adults, but A Fake Artist Goes to NY might not be.

Dead Last might be good. As long as the parents don't have a problem with the more realistic and in your face "murdering people" subject matter.

I've never tried scaling Skull and Roses up to 10+ people, but you should be able to do it.

Deset's The Paper Game, also known in some circles as Broken Picture Telephone, and released commercially as Telestrations would probably work great.


Just thought of two I haven't suggested to anyone in a really long time, but what about Cosmic Wimpout or LCR?
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