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Looking to Buy a Laptop

Captain Tagon

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Since I'm going to be a commuter to school next year, I'm looking to get a laptop for portability (and several other reasons). I want something that runs well and has a good bit of memory on it for music and videos and the like. Playing cutting edge computer games isn't required, but it would be nice to be at least a decent gaming machine able to run most current games.

My question to all you techphiles in ENWorld is where should I look for one. Any particular companies really leading the laptop market right now? Or should I just like go down to the local Best Buy and compare what they have there? Would ordering online get me a much better machine for a similar price?

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I just ordered a Dell, it should be here tommorrow or Tuesday. I went with Dell because I could get a better video card for graphics then i could at Best Buy. I got an Intel Core duo CPU, 1.66 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB hard drive, 256 MB dedicated ATI X1400 video, creative sound. Just over a grand. Try and find something with dedicated video so games won't be an issue if you want to run any type of games. The laptops I saw at Best Buy mostly had shared video. You can get a better deal online with what you want, IMO.
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To play computer games, this is not the best unless you upgrade the video side to the Radeon mobility option. A Dell or Alienware would serve you better for PC gaming.

For cheap-ass price/performance (terrible battery life but gtreat when plugged in) the Acer Aspire series with an AMD cpu probably is the best bet.

However, for school use and PnP gaming? The Gateway convertible Notebook/Tablet PC cannot be beat and I highly recommend it.

There is nothing that comes close to this for keeping notes in class or at the gaming table or for reading a .pdf at the table. It replaces your entire gaming library. That is not an exagerration. One of the guys in our group has one and we are jealous as hell.

I would look strongly at this model if I were you. You can see and test the model at the local Best Buy - but you will save a lot of $$$ if you buy it online from Gateway instead.

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