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Lord Voldemort


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So in D&D terms, what is Lord Voldemort? He has a lot of similarities to a lich, so that would be undeadish. But they did some sort of resurection spell on him in book four which would make him aliveish. Can't really decide.

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I can't think of a modern fantasy series that is less adapatable to D&D than the Harry Potter series. There are almost no similarities at all, in fact.

However, to answer your question -- he is a high level wizard witha Soul Jar (or variant thereof) in effect and a huge, powerful group of high level wizard followers that can put together all the necessary ingrediants to create a clone so that he can reinhabit his own body.


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Well, I have my doubts that even his inner circle are very high level, but that's more of a topic for a different forum :) Thanks for answering my question. That makes sense.

The Grumpy Celt

I think Voldy would best be described as a unique creature. Say, a mage of 21st level or so with some special templates. One template would be something reptilian. Another would be the pseudo-soul jars he scattered around.


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A true20 adept with the proper skills/feats might be more representative than a straight 3.x conversion. I dont have my book in front of me right now, but that strikes me as a better way to do Voldemort off the top of my head.


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Warren Okuma said:
Wisdom and intelligence is a dump stat, so he must have been a... sorcerer. Epic to do some stuffs.

Well, all of the wizards of HP would be sorcerers, since magic there is a question of will more than knowledge (and Charisma in D&D represents your capacity to exerce your will outwardly).

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