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Lord Voldemort

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Wizards in the Potterverse don't use Vancian magic. You should look at the Hero system: each character has a Cosmic VPP, OAF Wand. Potions are Uncontrolled spells, not Independent. Voldemort has very high skill rolls and an awesome PRE.


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Capellan said:

One of the points Dumbledore makes in the books is that if Voldemort was the sort of man who didn't make the mistakes he did (entangling himself into the prophecy etc.), he wouldn't be trying to live forever and kill and intimidate Muggle-born and half-blood wizards.

If I were 10 years old, I would be impressed by him. If I were 17, not so much. I'm 25, so yeah, he's silly. There's no good reason a dozen wizards couldn't just have apparated to wherever he was, blasted him with stunning charms, and then tied him up and stuck a gag in his mouth while they went about tracking down his phylacteries.

I mean, hell, the only thing he had going for him was his cadre of flunkies. Apparently anyone in that frikkin' setting can teleport, so just go in with superior numbers. He's gotta fail a Will save eventually.

Which reminds me; it's time for me to round up a party of 9th level wizards to go kick Elminster's ass.


Riddle's true nature

Eeralai said:
So in D&D terms, what is Lord Voldemort? He has a lot of similarities to a lich, so that would be undeadish. But they did some sort of resurection spell on him in book four which would make him aliveish. Can't really decide.

Read the last book.

SPOILER: Don't read below if you don't want to;

The ring that LV used as a horucrux was one of the three deadly hallows items supposedly granted by Death to three brothers. This item has the power to return someone deceased to life but as a horrible form of ghostlike wraith.
When he cursed HP the curse backfired and he was killed, the ring gave him his wraith form and the ceremony was used to recreate his physical body but this wasn't as successful as expected and I'll leave the rest of the explanation to others.

And yes he is an ass and so were they for not ganging up on him and kicking his posterior next to Morgoth after he was banished from Middle Earth.
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If forced to describe him in D&D terms (and I would be reluctant to do so), I would describe Voldemort as an epic-level sorcerer somewhere between 25th and 30th. He would have human racial traits, but he would also have a number of unique abilities that would justify raising his CR by 2 or 3. Overall I picture him as CR 28 or 29.

Avada Kevadra (or however you spell it) is a ranged touch attack. He also apparently has the power to teleport, inflict pain, and mind control people. Clearly he is a warlock, albeit with some variant class feature that requires he has a wand to use most of his powers.

Since almost all of the folks in Potter-verse are also warlocks with low hit points, Avada Kevadra could just be an eldritch blast. I'd peg Voldy at 11th level, just high enough to craft a phylactery.

William drake

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Capellan said:


I agree...worse evil wizard ever. He reminds me of a 007 villian: he always wants to talk, and never just puts the gun to harry's head and blows him away. He gets out done by children...yes the book is for kids, but that doesn't make Voldy the worlds most evil wizard.

But, to answer your question. I think he'd be 1/2 yunti *snake people* 1/2 human who became a litch by a `round-about way. But no, he doesn't seem to be that powerful considering everyone is a caster in the books and they mostly use their magic to dodge modern tec.

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Personally, I'd describe him with the Taint rules, from OA or Unearthed Arcana. That's why he's slowly turning into a snake - his own nature is so twisted that it's causing a physical transformation. The same thing might cause him some kind of mental compulsions - say, Overwhelming Arrogance, Obsession (Purity), and Obsession (Harry Potter).

Other than that... yeah, a high level sorcerer with a rare feat (Parseltounge), as well as a self-researched variant of Soul Jar, or knowledge of how to build a very unusual wondrous item. The actual spellcasting mechanics from the books don't really work in D&D, though. GURPS or Hero would probably model them better.

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