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D&D 5E Lost A Player


Surprise surprise right.

I wrapped up my campaign and session 0 last night. Threw round some ideas for campaign.

Post apocalyptic mutant land.

They got excited about Drow so sounded like a good idea.

Went with point buy. Bonus racial feat for drow PCs. Allowable races drow, Underdark type stuff, evil humanoids or suggest something I'll yay/nay it.

6 person party no pet classes. I'll relax the non evil rule just make a coherent party the no inter party conflict rule is not relaxed. Drow deities are fine just don't pick conflicting ones.

As some of you know I have one of those special players.

I was planning on Tasha's.

First suggestion.
Drow beastmaster ranger (no pets). Unaware of Drizzt.

He blurted out several others that made sense. Githyanki not a bad choice. Githzerai but odd maybe Bugbears sure, goblins, Kobolds, orcs, Hobgoblins yes to all of them.

Early days. Ended up with two clerics of Elistraee half Drow Ranger/Rogue, kobold illusionist, paladin yet to be determined.

Granted a bonus feat to the kobold and half elf just has to be a non combat one, a weaker feat and no stat bonuses. Tough is fine, skilled, prodigy etc.

Promptly wanted things like warcaster, healers, and a few good feats like alert.

Today. Can I be a ranger of Lolth?

Slaps forehead.

Went downhill from there no player. To be fair a discussion was had on booting said player and it was a reason I started over. One to incorporate Tasha's from the start, two so the new players get a choice of what the next game is about. They joined existing game.

Very rules lawyer as well. 5E you don't require a god to be a ranger or Paladin but kind if defeats the point of the theme.

Breaking point was I basically said I can cancel the Drow thing and run generic if people want and play what you want. Pick one or the other get with the program or leave.

So that was the end of that.

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