Lost and found!


Agudo Archmage

A simple but funny note awaits a reader like you.

Like any wily adventure, we come upon time to time, many valuable and not so worthwhile things.

In my travels of new lands, do to my never-ending search to expand my humbly named writings called “Agudo History of the Realms books.”

I have collected several interesting artifacts, and a few in all honesty junk!

Never the less, if your Halfling grassy noel home, lacks one of the following, then this maybe the opportunity you been looking for.

Think about it!
None of the danger of acquiring these things, yet still the joy of a grand conversation peace, to impress your neighbors.

One sword stuck in a rock!

Simply put, in a rainy isle not to long ago. I was traveling along with my loyal snow owl Hoot.
When we came upon this …this… sword stuck in a rock.

I thought I was doing the local village a favor, by removing the weed tangled eye soar.

When the next thing I know, it’s the classic angry towns people, with fiery torches and pitchforks.

Screaming "what have you done? How will we ever choose a king?"
Blah Blah Balh.... :rolleyes:

Chasing sweet Lady Hoot and my always-helpful self, down the muddy road with it.

Sadly word has come to me that a politically savvy Mage by the name of Merlin.
Has put a bounty out on my head! Of all people can you imagine that!

Something to do with this Magelings need to manipulate that before mentioned village.

Just between you and me, its so he can put his puppet boy as king!
All the while this Merlin is the true power behind the throne.

In any case as you can see I need to get rid of it quick!
I will accept no less than 1200 silver coins or some neat babul to trade. Like a wand of getting my Wizardly self out of trouble.

By the way it has an inscription titled Excalibur… or some such.

One Gold Ring!

Lets just say friendship can be an odd thing.

One day I am having lunch with a fellow adventure and Arcane practitioner named Gandolf.
He has just introduced me to a plump Hobbit, with an unyielding taste for cholesterol clogging buttery bread.

When the little plump fellow shows this rather simple gold ring that he had found.
Well the next thing I know, Gandolf has this ghost white look on his face.

Mumbling something about it bringing out ones worst traits, and how dangerous this ring is.
The Hobbit nearly chokes on the rye bread he eating.
As he shakes with fear at Gandofs babbling.

Of course being my ever-helpful self once more.
I grabbed hold of the ring, saying in all honesty that I would get rid of it for them.
Just to calm everyone down from such a fright.

Back to the my statement of friendship can be an odd thing!

You would be surprised how fast those fat little Hobbits are, and who knew those butter knives could be so sharp!

Don’t get me started on what Gandolf did…..
All of a sudden he is pointing his staff at me and I am flying around the room like some drunken Pixie.

If it wasn’t for that Hobbit buttery fingers slicking up Gandolf’s staff.
Causing the in raged Gray Wizard bony fingers to lose his staff and me out the window.
I would have never made it to safety!

The Ring comes in a nice glass case and I will throw in for free Gandolf’s staff.
Serves him right!

I will never know what came over those two. Shhees… you would think it was for some epic quest or something.

All for the asking price of twelve Rogue stones or Kinglear necklaces of the same quantity.

Pair of Ruby slippers.

Lady Hoot thought it would be a good idea, if we joined the Lollypop Guild

You know the Lollypop Guild…. The Lollypop Guild …. La laaaaaa

O’ sorry ! Back to the sale.

I was walking along the yellow brick road when house of all things falls from the sky.

Well I see these shoes stuck under the house, and Hoot says "Pick them up, we can offer it to the Guild Boss."
Like always someone gets an Org in her bonnet.
This pigtailed little girl and her barking little mutt. Starts chasing us, saying "it’s my shoes I killed the which and I am the star of this Realm."

If that wasn’t bad enough the biggest, brightest pixie you ever saw.
Calling her self Glenda the good witch of the West.

Chased me into this castle with flying monkeys.
If you can believe that could ever happen. :embarrass

Price for the ruby slippers is …. One giant Pixie Swater ;)

From Agudo the traveling junk collector!

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Penned in a neat, precise hand in beautifully flowing script:

Dear Agudo,

Thank you once again for the magic carpet. It's lovely, but I've noticed that it seems to possess a mind of its own, and has a tendency to move from room to room... Anyway, regarding your latest offerings:

Sword stuck in a rock: No thanks, I have little use for tacky lawn ornaments.

Gold ring: No engraving or ornamentation whatsoever? Probably a wedding band that the halfling stole off a drunk or a corpse. How much for the wizard's staff, by itself?

Ruby-encrusted shoes: Egad! How tasteless, utterly tasteless. Which means that they'd fetch a high price from the ditsy trophy-wife of some flamboyantly wealthy merchant with pretentions to nobility. Advertise them in Sembia.

Very truly yours,
Lady Bianca Ssussunriyh.


First Post

One Aweful looking set of Blue Robes Complete with Matching blue hat. Robe has some bird droppings on one shoulder but I believe these will wash out.

I found these one day on a dirt road in some out of the way kingdom. There was a older lady out doing wash at the time, but when I asked her about the robes all she could say was

"I want nothing more to do with that naked Mage!"

And she ran off in quite a state of fright.

I'll take 20 silver coins for the set, or a good pot of numbweed!



A dove from from a table of the Emporium to the boards.Just as it seems about to collide with the boards it explodes in a burst of feathers.As the feathers fall to the ground they reveal a little boy,about 12, examining the boards.Seeing the previous messages he tacks a letter on the wall.


In this very same place I spotted a golden amulet with a glowing sphinx on the back,There seems to be some magical power in the item and I am willing to give to someone for 5 gold.I also have various metal item up for grabs from my forge...AT VERY LOW PRICES

P.S. Agudo, if you would kindly bring me the sword so that I may examine it to see if I want to buy it.

In yet another show of feathers he flies back to his table waiting for a reply


Agudo Archmage

Three fanciful semi curled parchments, written in golden lettering.
Each with the names of each petitioner boldly imprinted on them, sits above the last three replies.

Letter 1
Ahh Lady Bianca Ssussunriyh.
Even your modest messages, radiate your eloquence of charm and beauty.
I am pleased to hear that your new flying carpet, is to your liking.

Now let us see about taming the roaming nature of such magical creations.
May I recommend using heavy furniture to keep it in place, until needed.
I still have a few of my unusual talking furniture, per haps the Germanic father clock?

It sings opera on the hour, and loves to be read the story about the mouse that ran up the clock.

Since you’re a loyal customer Lady Ssussunriyh, and you have shown interest in Gandof’s staff, I will sale it to you at near cost.
Say three hundred silver coins and six Rogue stones?

Allow me to thank you for your recommendation, about advertising the ruby shoes in Sembia.
I will look into it as soon as possible!
Never the less I do think though that some wizard or sorcerer, be that male or female would be interested in them.
For you know how the magically inclined, enjoy gaudy jeweled rings and clothing.

With some embarrassment myself included! ;)

Your friend in the Light.

Letter 2
I see by the unsigned enchanted writing that a mischief’s dragon is about!
I propose it is none other than the famed comical caper herself…. Ruthia!

Fortunately for me I happen to have a good pot of numbweed on me and will gladly pay.
I do believe you know where my school is Lady Ruthia.
So please drop by for a royal prank of my own when you do old friend.

By the way I never said why my robes were blue and “White”.
Hay you carry a big owl and see how clean you stay!
And for the record,….
I have settled my legal responsibility, with the local constable do to my unforeseen sudden nudity. I have also apologized to the chambermaid.

Your most humiliated :embarrass friend in the Light Agudo

Letter 3

Why hello young lad (malik?)
I will be more than happy to show you the sword.
Even as you read this a Halfling messenger, is waiting near by to show you the stuck sword.

If interested please make your best offer.
For like I said I am in a hurry to get rid of it and good luck in finding a buyer for your charm.

On the bounty/lamb Agudo!



Seeing the halfling he examines the sword He returns to the boards and writes a simple message

225 gold

Doughvein Metil




I have already tried securing the carpet with heavy furniture. It emitted a sound like a squeal and began to thrash about in what might be interpereted as pain. I also considered using carpet tacks, but it flew up into the ceiling joists and refused to come down until I put them away. I suppose its animated nature is something I'm just going to have to get used to.



Captain Binkle


It's your old friend, from down the coast.
I have not found what you seek,
But i have recently found a tomb of a ghost.
The place is rather bleek.

If you so desire, we could share a drink.
To calm the spirit and the mind.
Because how can one think,
When one is in such a bind.

Courage to all who follow.
Woe to those who hender.
Honor to those who are good of heart.
Death to those who strive for evil.

Your old friend,
Captain Waldo Binkle


Pipers Youth




A rather small Elf in a heavy cloak appears one day and begins reading the boards. Interested, he leaves a message.

A ring you say? Hmm... I could use a few of those, my fingers are getting so torn up lately from my bow string... I await pick-up instructions.


Agudo Archmage

Three lavender scrolls gently sways in the morning breeze. Tied together by lovely silken emerald colored thread. Each of these delicately scripted writings has name on it, for the following people

First scroll is addressed to
Doughvein Metil

Wonderful news indeed!
I am sure now that the glorified garden tool Excalibur, will be in someone else’s hands. The political conniving Merlin will leave me alone…...I hope!

The same helpful Halfling will meet you once more near these very boards.
Lets say tomorrow morning, bright and early, by the first rays of the glories sunrise.

I don’t know what you will do with it?
Being that it is stuck in that rock!
Yet I pray in the Light, for our mutual benefit from this trade.

Your friend in the Light

Second Scroll is addressed to
Captain Waldo Binkle

Why if it isn’t the poetic sailor himself Captain Binkle.
Your tempting offer will be easily excepted as soon as are next meeting takes place.
Like all adventurers the question is where and when?

But fear not my friend of the sea!

As long as the wind is at are backs and safe harbors ahead!
We shall be destined to meet again by a warm fire good food , good drink and always-good friendship!

Your former traveling companion Agudo.

PS Lady Hoot I am sure will delighted to hear that you’re in town.
She so does enjoy your company.

Scroll three is addressed to

Good sir, thank you for your interest in the before mentioned ring.
Do to its mysterious and some would say creepy past.
I have lowered my asking price to seven RogueStones, or seven Kinglear necklaces

In all fairness I must warn you .....it seems to Enthrall people with fanaticism to point that they will murder anyone who has it.

Even as I am writing this letter, three butter knives have thrown through my window, in an obvious attempt on my life.

Take care if you choose to buy this ring.
I have left a magical small pouch hanging below on the boards.
When the payment is put in the puch, then out will come the ring by magic.

Thank you, and may the Light protect you!
Your humble servant, Agudo the Wizard of Light



A rough piece of parchement is posted next to the scrolls.

Thank you again Agudo Archmage for the golden ring and now the warning. I shall stay on my toes and become wary of such powers, and butterknives. If worse comes to worst I can always just toss it into a river somewhere.

Many Thanks,
Erialis Nailo


First Post
Another note is found below these:

Recently found:

Several gawy rings of various sizes, believed to have been owned by a very overdressed Archmage.

Several magic wands, also may have come from the before mentioned Archmage.

A bag of odd looking coins, have some magical value though I could not determine it.

One oddly lopsided blue wizards hat with white stars one it.

One deed to a school, ok so I didn't find it persay. But I did win it fair and square in card game, I swear I did.

One Autographed Book By Agudo the Archmage of Light. Ok say this is not a "Found" Item persay, but for some reason his photo on the front cover keeps winking at me and it's freaking me out.

If interested in any of this items please leave a way to contact you, I will deliever these items personally to you..........

*The note is unsinged*



A golden-haired elf in purple robes approaches the pile of notes, reading the most recent one. Looking interested, he scribes a quick note and pins up.

Magic-imbued coins, you say? I'll offer fifty gold for all of them. Just leave a reply, and we can work out the details.
Scaer Vieliss


First Post
To Scaer Vieliss:

50 gold coins sounds like a fair price for something I can't seem to work myself. Since I can not come to the Emporium myself at this time (Due to the fact I would rather not have a run in with the said owner of some of the "Lost" items I have) I will leave this bag below this note. It is spelled and will work only for you. Put the fifty coins in the bag, close it, wait five seconds. If you put in what you have promised me when you reopen the bag your magic coins will be in it. But I must add a warning to these coins. Though I have not found the full uses of these coins I do know that some of them explode, as my three year old grandson found out the hard way yesterday.

*Note is unsigned*



The middle-aged gray elf in purple robes approaches the board. Reading the note, he pulls out a bag of coins, counts the necessary amount, and places it in the bag left there. Waiting five seconds, he picks up his purchase, leaving a note of his own.

I thank you for these coins. They should be quite useful, as my familiar just recently had a litter, and the little things keep trying to chew anything magical they can reach. Quite a nightmare for a wizard, you can imagine. Thanks again.



A carefully penned note reads: "Ruthia, I am interested in the rings. I am willing to pay a premium price for them and have a perfect use in mind for them as well. Please contact Sir Eriwoj via messanger at the Cross Roads Tavern."


First Post
To Hethfletcher:

The School has been appraised at 5,000 gold coins with staff and student included. So I guess that 4,500 gold coins would be a fair price for it right? Oh and a side note the school is called "School of Light and Magic" if that makes any difference.

To Sir Eriwoj:

I unfortanatly have no way of sending a meesanger to the Tavern so I will leave one here. There are roughly 20 rings in this collection so I think 100 gold coins would be a good price. The bag attached to ths note will except that payment and pop out the rings for you if you agree to this price.


Agudo Archmage

Gaudy? And Booboos!

A rather well dressed Mage approaches the boards, and stumbles upon the fact that his advertisement; has been taken over by a charlatan.

With a clap of his hand he leaves a rather perturbed reply.

To Whom It May Concern:

And if I didn’t know better….do to this note smelling of brimstone… the {Whom} is a rather rascally White Dragon;
Who shall remain nameless, until I catch up to her!

My well-respected school is not for sale!

Whatever bogus deed you have come up with, is obviously a forgery, created by mischievous Gremlins or other malcontents!
Who must have took advantage of some drunken scaley fire breathing card players!

(Just goes to show you that Dragons cant hold their liquor!):rolleyes:

And for the record….4500 wouldn’t even cover the handcrafted Redwood doors of the chapel.
Let alone pay for my priceless beloved school of Light!

Now about those rings!

I have excellent tastes, and never would be caught wearing anything less than Waterdeep quality merchandise.

So if it gaudy then there is good reason for it! :embarrass

Now as far as those exploding coins and wands!

I can only say that the Gnomes in my Chemistry class; specialize in flying doohickeys.

And besides as Headmaster I have warned them not to make anymore-exploding objects!

Sooooooo ….
my legal obligation have been covered, and cannot be held responsible for any loss of appendages; 3rd degree burns or other booboos, suffered by your clumsy family members!

That includes children neglected by their mother any foolishness of playing with the Fire and Lightning Wands as well!

Lets see Ahh yes…My hat!

I want it back!
For some sneaky thief, or prankster, took it off the hat rack, at the Flute and Boot Tavern, owned by the sweet Kulideb.

Now no ifs and ands or buts about it!
I expect it left here in excellent condition….and leave your name so I can inform the proper authorities.

Please feel free to resale the valuable book that I wrote.

I am sure that it will fetch a high price, do to my handsome face winking at the owner.
Also I trust you will use the proceeds to help the needy, or to show you that there is no hard feelings…

Perhaps you can use the proceeds for your own legal obligations to pay off the magistrate when they


Agudo the Headmaster, and complete owner (Not for Sale) of the Agudo school of Light and Magic.

Epic Threats

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