Lost and found!


First Post
Dear Mister Agudo,

It's not my fault that some Rougue named Kheldar had managed to steal the deed to your school. All I did was win it off him. He says to tell you it's time to change tha lock on that magic safe of yours, it was to easy to pick. And I'll have you know I wasn't drunk at the time, else how would have I had beaten that cheater?by the way I never stated the SCHOOL itself is for sale per say, just the deed to it ;) . Theres a fine line there you know. And it's not my fault that inspector rated the school so low, you should have never let him in on the day the gnomes where testing their bouncing bubble contraptions. It's not my fault they managed to ruin all that carefull cleaning just before the inspector came.

As for the exploding coins, well I'll let Star know you care so much about her children. She will be pleased :schemes:

As for the hat, well I'll leave it attached to this note. It's a little wet, but you don't mind baby drool right?

And...Oh yes the book. Well you see I won't need money to pay the magistrate, as you are forgetting that after a certain trail they made me a life time member :D

*Let unsigned again, but a dripping wet hat hangs beneath it.

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Agudo Archmage

Candy and Clippers!

Returning once more the fancifully dressed blue and white Wizard, is delighted to see his hat hanging from the rack.

That is until he read the sly reply by the unnamed prankster.

Agudo might as well been called a Red Wizard at that moment.
For his face turned redder than a reddest apple.

Throwing down the soggy hat, he kicks it not once but twice.

Then pointing a finger at the boards lightning zaps forth, leaving behind a singed magical parchment. That crackles with angry energy!

Why you little….

If I ever see….


You just tell your card shark Kheldar

That I want my front teeth back!
Just because I have wooden teeth from Gorge Washington dentists.
Doesn’t mean I like the splinters I get when I eat something.

And as far as the inspectors to my school….

Well it could of happen to anyone!
Or at least those inspectors that stick their fingers into electrified Gnomish doohickeys.
If you thought Halfling were hairy!
You should see a Bugbear inspector’s hair stand on end.

Now before I forget!

Starbright knows how I feel about her adorable children.
And if you know what good for you…. you rascally Dragon!
You wont show her that misguided remark

Or the next annual Harvest Festival at Starbright place, will have a new game called
(Pin the Tale on the White Dragon.)

Speaking of your lifetime Magistrate and the trail you governed.

How that turned out the way it did was a complete surprise!
So much so I couldn’t even begin to talk about it.
No really I couldn’t! :p

But talk about abuse of judicial power by you!
You sent the Army of Light a Bill for Pedicures?
Do you know how much it cost, to have just one of your Dragon toenails polished?
It took ten fairies and five Gnomes to do just one foot!


I would continues, but I have to take my hat; to the nearest washwoman
and have the sweet-potatoes-baby-food stains taken out.

Uncle Agudo’s of Starbright’s NOT clumsy! But always adorable children.

Off in the distance holding a soiled hat, the Wizard can be heard saying.

“Therese going to be hell to pay at Starbright’s Family get to gathers.
Better order some flowers and candy….and a giant Dragon wing Clipper!”:smirk:

Agudo can be heard laughing as he walks away.


First Post
Recently Found:

One enchanted bow, obviously elven make, comes in a complete package with a quiver of arrows that never seems to be empty...

One shiny dagger that seems to have a tendancy to glow when goblins and orcs are around.

I can't be held responsible for any angry strangers that mysteriously appear on your doorstep. Especially a 5'00" tall hairy human with funny glasses and shorts, and an inate fear of little insects called 'Wetas'. I swear I didn't get these from him!


Cloaked Figure

Where do you get off calling ME the cheater?!? You reshuffled the entire deck when those two cute dragons nearly cuddled me to death! Well, that's the last time I play with either you or your family 'for fun.'

The combination on Agudo's Magical safe has been reset to something different now. Parties interested in learning the new combination can arrange a meeting with me on this board - Bring many bags of platinum pieces or else a favor from the Temple of Favors.

Powdered Archmage teeth also for sale! - My apologies to the Archmage, but I didn't mean for that iron golem to topple onto the bag!


Blond Priestess

A young girl with long blond hair approaches the notice boards and begins reading through the various found items. As her eyes come across one particular item for sale an overjoyed smile dawns on across her fair face and she quickly pulls out a small brown purse with a golden sun stitched on it. Hoping she has enough money to purchase what she wants, the girl pours the contents of her purse on a near by table and begins counting.

. . .--. . .--. . .

. . .All that fell out of the purse was a button and four copper pieces. The young girl looked like she was about to cry.

Ummmm. . .How much dose it cost for that signed book of Agudo’s? And is there any chance that you could hold it for me. Please?


First Post
A note appears:

Young girl, I believe four copper pieces is a fair price for a book that is driving me nuts. Place the coins in the bag and out will pop the book. Turst me, you can defenatly have it!

Oh and Cloaked Figure. How dare you accuse me of cheating when yoou were using magical refacing cards? The only defense I had WAS those cute little ones, your just lucky that my "Little Friend" wasn't around. He said something about wanting to set you cloak a fire again!

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