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Lost Posts on Google - READ!

Knight Otu

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As you can see, we lost all posts since December in the database corruption. That's a devestating blow to many play by post games, but not all hope is lost. Google and most (if not all) other search engines keep pages in a cache. Search for your game/thread/etc in Google to see how much of the game you can find. DO use that possibility, and do so as early as you can!

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Unfortunately, we only found 10 of about 60 lost IC pages for Generation Legacy in Google cache. Looks like subscribing and archiving to Gmail is the way to go from now on, assuming we stay here, which doesn't look likely.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Dog_Moon2003 said:
This, of course, assumes you remember what threads you're missing and want to retrieve.
Yeah, I had to try to think of ideas... some of them are lost forever.


But what about the 1000 or so posts I lost in my counter :( I've slipped back down to under 2000

On the up side I guess I get to celebrate the milestone again ;)

I can't remember what half the games I was in were called? And, this means we've lost PCs posted since then as well? What we need is a method whereby each DM can email each player with a link to re-establish thread subscriptions. Is it possible to open up the emailing option to everyone for a week or so?




Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Those who want to receive emails through EN World can choose to allow the option... I don't see why it should apply to everyone, though.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Oh, I'm pretty sure you can send/receive emails, but you can't send/receive private messages. :)


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One more possibility that may work for some people: local cache. Browsers save a copy of a page on the local drive, and if you're clever you can recover that page. Generally, you will have had to have not been to the thread since it went down for this to work, so it might not apply to most people.

Instructions for Firefox:
IMPORTANT! Before trying to read anything from the cache, click on "File" --> "Work Offline". This will ensure that Firefox reads from the cache and doesn't try to "update" from the website.

Type "about:cache" into the address bar. This will bring up a page all about your cache.:) Explore and see if you can find the pages you're missing. Try doing a Find (CTL-F) for "www.enworld.org/showthread.php". When you find one, click on it. If you haven't been to that page since the crash, it should have the missing posts in it. Save the page.

For those of you running PbP games, ask your players to try this, as one of them may have something you don't.


There is still hope that Morrus has a more recent backup.

In the mean time here are a few more google tips:
1. in the search if you find the thread you are looking for, grab the thread number (ie. this thread is 161508) and include that in your search
2. Google often omits similar topics, but that is what you are looking for so always click on the repeat this search option at the bottom of the last page of results.
3. If you kept a thurough signiture post in the sig thread, you can google that and work off there to recover missing thread names/help with google searches.

Edit: Bront has already recovered the sig thread from google. You can find it in his post at the bottom of the sig thread.