[LPF] Rodents of Unusual Size, pt 3


As the group starts to cover down, Jonas seemingly thinks better of the enterprise and nocks an arrow. Just as one of the humanoid beasts sees the giant archer, he lets his arrow fly and squarely hits the hyena, who didn't even see it coming. One rather distinct yelp later, the arrow can be seen sticking from the wild dog's back as it, and the other two humanoids look to see where it came from. A short exchange of dog babble later and all 3 are looking in the main group's direction.

[sblock=Combat!]Jonas has initiated combat. I've found and addressed a map, but I'm a little out of steam for the night. (It's been a brutal week for me.) Full update to get things started very soon. It's going to slightly alter previous descriptions, but the spirit of the thing should be good.

The arrow still hits the hyena after taking range modifiers into account.

Jonas' identify on the humanoids (they aren't monstrous, so it's Local not Nature, but you still succeed): Yep, it's Gnolls. Four things come to mind:
(1) They're big and tough, and know how to swing effectively.
(2) They are clever--smart enough to carry a variety of weapons.
(3) They see in the dark much like Jonas does.
(4) They run about as fast as a human.
You can flavor those facts with appropriate lore that isn't directly combat related. They are known cannibals, eating downed friend and foe alike. Etc.[/sblock]

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. . . Whaaaa?!?! . . .

With their Hyena bleeding, the monstrous man-hyena hybrids (we'll call them 'gnolls' to make things easier :)) scramble to address their problem. However, Wahyu sneaks around a low-branching tree and sees his opportunity to act first...

[sblock=Combat]OK, a better map this time. Tokens still are kinda lame, though. I've individually colored the good guys. Everyone is considered dismounted, except Mystie. The weird dog-like creature is on the chart as 'Puppy'. To clarify, Hawk is at H3 and Cruendithas at G3, since their colors are similar.

Terrain: You should be able to get the 'jist of the map by looking at it. An unmarked feature is the gully you've hidden in, requiring 2 squares of movement to get out of. It also costs 2 squares to go up sloped squares (there aren't many) and the hard ridge line would take some sort of climb check if it becomes germane. The trees are generally low-branching so unless you see partial grid, don't play the square. The partial squares provide a -2 cover penalty to ranged attacks. (Jonas obviously rolled well enough to get his hit on the Hyena despite it.) The grid lines are a bit tough to see but get easier if you blow up the map.) Finally, north is not exactly aligned with the grid, but you can consider it aligned when trying to describe directions.

The gnolls and hyena are not looking in Wahyu's direction. They are definitely looking in Jonas' direction, but it's hard to tell who they can see and who they cannot.

Initiative: The initiative order is Wahyu first, then: Puppy, Gnolls/Hyena, Party (repeat). Note: Wahyu beat ALL the gnolls and hyena with his roll. Wahyu is up.

Actor - Token - Condition
Hawk - Orange - good
Crue - Yellow - good
Jonas - Green - good
Dunkel - Blue - good
Mystie* - Purple - good
Wahyu - Grey W - good
Hyena - Red H - AC 14/touch 12 - injured (6 dam)
Gnoll 1 - Red 1 - AC 13/touch 10 - good
Gnoll 2 - Red 2 - AC 13/touch 10 - good
Gnoll 3 - Red 3 - AC 13/touch 10 - good
'Puppy' - Grey P - a bit battered
* Still mounted[/sblock]


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Dunkel grumbles and states, "Alright big guy. You started it. Let's see if I can help you end it, too." He places a hand on Jonas' back and mutters a prayer.

OOC: Casting Enlarge Person on Jonas.

Dunkel Metzgerei the 1st level Dwarven Cleric
AC: 18, Flat-Footed: 17, Touch: 11
HPs: 10/10
Init: +3
CMB: +2
CMD: 13
Fort: +5 (+4 due to CON loss), Reflex: +2, Will: +6
Speed: 20 feet
Battleaxe: Attack: +2 = [BAB (0) + Ability (2) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
Damage: 1d8+2, Crit: 20/x3, Special: S
Sling: Attack: +1 = [BAB (0) + Ability (1) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
Damage: 1d4+2, Crit: 20/x2, Range: 50 ft
Consumable: 20 Sling Stones, 7 Trail Rations
In Hand: Battleaxe
Spells Prepared
Level 0: Detect Magic, Guidance, Light
Level 1: Protection from Evil, Bless
Spells Used:
Level 1: Enlarge Person


[sblock=Initiative Order]To be clear, Initiative: The initiative order is Wahyu first, then: Puppy, Gnolls/Hyena, Party (repeat). Note: Wahyu beat ALL the gnolls and hyena with his roll. Wahyu is up.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Dunkel's action will be executed at the top of the next Party order.[/sblock]


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[sblock=OOC]Forum ate my post. The one time I didn't copy the whole thing before trying to submit it, of course. :mad: I have class tomorrow, so I can't spend any time rewriting it now. Sleep and all that.[/sblock]


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Wahyu's face fell. It would seem that he had dearly wanted to try and lure them away using his own tricks and cleverness, but it seemed that that would have to wait for some other day. He reconsidered his position. The oracle knew much, knew that he could not fight them himself, perhaps not even long enough for his allies to come to his rescue. Thus, remaining in hiding was perhaps to most sensible option here. Still, some insurance could never hurt, just in case. Speaking softly, he supplicated the heavens in his native tongue, "Fair Lady, take me in your guarding arms and shield my body from all harms..."
[sblock=OOC]Dang, he was really looking forward to using Ghost Sound for the first time since I began playing him. :p
Anyway, he casts Shield of Faith this round, and will start Causing Fear the next one.[/sblock]
[sblock= Wahyu's Mini Stats]

AC: 18* (16* flat-footed, 15* touch)
HP: 23/23
CMB: 1 CMD: 13
Fort: +3 Reflex: +4 Will: +5
Perception: +5, Darkvision 60 ft
Initiative: +6
Current Weapon in Hand: Light Crossbow (+5, 1d6+0, 19-20 x2)
Current Conditions in Effect: Pass Without Trace, Shield of Faith*
Spells Remaining (1st): 5/6

Used Items:

Abilities Used:
SLA: Pass Without Trace
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Responding to Jonas' archery threat, the lead gnoll calls the hyena to him and motions for his comrades to follow. Tacking around a low-lying tree, two of the gnolls and the hyena swing toward Wahyu as they take cover behind the tree, light on their feet and ready try to sidestep any attack. The two gnolls pull out shields as they move, and the hyena starts yipping as the oracle barely finishes his protective spell, revealing the Wayang's position to his masters. The last gnoll picks up on the warning (whereas his allies did not) and advances to a position behind the tree, but draws out a spear instead of a shield. Throwing it with impressive aim and force, the spear deflects off Wahyu's newly erected magical protective barrier, much to the disgust of the thrower.

Chanting a call to his god, Dunkel touches Jonas who then starts to grow to a mighty height of nearly 10 feet--almost giant-like in stature!

[sblock=Combat]All gnolls drop the sticks they had. Gnolls 1 and 2 move, drawing out shields as they do. They hyena move with them. All three declare total defense (note AC shifts). Gnoll three moves and draws a spear, throws it at Wahyu, but it misses (not a bad shot, but not good enough.) The weird puppy-thing moves around the tree on the other side, shielding himself from the gnolls and hyena.

At the start of the party initiative, Dunkel casts Enlarge on Jonas.

Ranged Attacks: Remember, if you can trace a path through squares occupied by tree graphic, it's -2 attack. However, if you go through areas with no square presented to play on, no attack is allowed.

Actor - Token - Condition
Hawk - Orange - good
Crue - Yellow - good
Jonas - Green - good (Enlarge)
Dunkel - Blue - good
Mystie* - Purple - good
Wahyu - Grey W - good (Shield of Faith)
Hyena - Red H - AC 18/touch 16 - injured (6 dam), Total Defense
Gnoll 1 - Red 1 - AC 19/touch 14 - good, Total Defense
Gnoll 2 - Red 2 - AC 19/touch 14 - good, Total Defense
Gnoll 3 - Red 3 - AC 13/touch 10 - good
'Puppy' - Grey P - a bit battered
* Still mounted

Party is UP, however, Dunkel has only a move action remaining. Remember, your first step out of the ditch is one extra square movement.

PS: I fiddled with the map more, zooming it in a bit to help resolution.[/sblock]


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Hawk, Little Halfling with a Big Sword

Hawk moves quickly heading roughly east.

[sblock=Action]Double move from H-3 to S-3.
[/sblock][sblock=Hawk Mini Stats]Hawk
AC: 20 (16 flat-footed, 15 touch)
HP: 38/38
CMB: +4 CMD: 18

Fort: +6 Reflex: +6 Will: +2
Perception: +8 Sense Motive: +0
Initiative: +4

Current Weapon in Hand: Greatsword(2-handed)
Current Conditions in Effect: None
Rage Rounds remaining Today: 10/10[/sblock]
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As Hawk takes off Cruendithas chants a spell to enhance his speed. Once he has finished his spell he gives a quick command to Penelope to stay and takes off after Hawk, leaving Penelope hidden in the gully. Moving much faster than normal he makes the opposite side of the path and into some cover.

cast expeditious retreat
move from G2 to P3

[sblock=mini stats]
Initiative +1
AC: 17 (with shield/ Flat:16, Touch: 12)
HP: 26 current: 26
CMB: +1 / CMD: 12 Fort: +2 / Ref: +4 / Will: +4
Resistence: 0
Current Weapon in Hand: Buckler in off hand

Spell Like Abilities: Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Speak with Animals
Arcane Strike +1
0 Lvl Spells:
Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Message, Light

1st Lvl Spells: 3/4 per day
Cure Light Wounds, Grease, Expeditious Retreat, Identify

Archaeologist's Luck (+1) rounds/day: 6/6

expeditious retreat(1min/level) (+30' move) 29/30 rounds

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Mystie looks at Jonas and quips "Well, that was subtle!"

Mystie breaks cover, nudging Bubba forward into the gully. Boldly, as a commander of an army,
"Oh great nurturing Mother Rabbit, send my warriors into battle with the ferocity of wolverines!"

[sblock=Actions]Bubba: single move to K9, defend
Mystie: Cast Bless
Marching order: Up front
[/sblock][sblock=Mystie Thissiledew's Mini-stats]Mystie Thissiledew
HP 34/34, AC 14, 10 Touch, 14 FF; Init -1, Darkvision 60', Move 15'
Fort: +4, Reflex +1, Will +5, CMB -3, CMD 6
Perception +4, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +5, Linguistics +2, Stealth +4, Handle Animal +9

Dagger -1, d4-3
Lt Crossbow +1, d6, range 80' increment, 9 bolts
Thrown Dagger +1, d4-3, range 10' increment

.,,,.....,,,,,,..Orisons: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Create Water, Guidance, Stabilize,
.,,,.....,,,,,,..Orisons: Mage Hand, Ghost Sound
.,,,.....,,,,,,.Cantrips: Message, Jolt, Breeze, Umbrella
Racial Spells:
(1/day) Dancing Lights , Flare, Prestidigitation,Produce Flame
.,,.,,...Oracle 1st Lvl: 4/5 remaining; Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Protection from Evil, Ill Omen (pugwampi)
.,,.,,.,,..Bard 1st Lvl:
1/2 remaining; Share Language, Grease (DC 15)
.Bardic Performance:
8/8 remaining;
......,,.......Consumables: 1 Cure Light Wounds potion, Mystie's Wand of Cure Light Wounds (25/25 ch)
......,,.......Consumables: 3 Alchemists' Fires, 2 Antitoxin, 4 Antiplague, 10 Vermin Repellants
Consumables: 2 Scrolls of Lesser Restoration, 12/12 days trail rations, 12/12 days of dog food
....................... Scrolls: Endure Elements, Comp Languages, Diagnose Disease
....................Channels: 5 of 5 left, 1d6, DC 15, Selective excluding 4 opponents
.........Immediate Action: Misfortune, force immediate reroll, once per creature per day
..................................If bad guy rolls 15-20, reroll
..................................If friend rolls 12 or less on a dangerous save, reroll
If friend rolls 10 or less on an attack for the base die roll, reroll
..................................This consumes the swift action
Bubba: Mastiff riding dog, Low light vision + scent; Perception +5,
Understands Common
(from Share Language)
AC 13, Touch 12, FF 11
HP 16/16
.... Fort +5, Reflex +5, Will +1; Move: 40'
..................CMB +3, CMD 15 (19 vs. Trip)
Melee: Bite +3, 1d6+3 plus trip
Tricks: Attack, Attack Unnatural Creatures, Defend, Heel, Flank and Hunt

In hand:
[/sblock]Buff Everyone: Bless: +1 to attacks and saves vs. Fear. 20 rds

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