[LPF] Wreck Ashore

Satin Knights

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Wreck Ashore
A Living Pathfinder adventure for 4-6 first level characters

A villager, from up the coast, comes seeking help from Venza to find out why supply shipments are disappearing before arriving at the village.

GM: Satin Knights
Judge: Systole
Start Date: October 29th, 2012 (DOY=303)
End Date: March 10th, 2013 (DOY=432)
Honored Players:
1) Dyre Blackreef (Psylence) ........,,,.........Human Alchemist Grenadier 1...............AWOL
304-335 ~ Starting.......0 XP,.....200 EXP, ...283 EGP,.....217 TXP,....186 TGP. Goal 1,300, at 7/6
Finished 417 XP and 469 gp and no items. Nov 30th, 2012

2) Anya Vost (MalusNecessarius) ...,,,.........Human Barbarian 1.............................AWOL
304-347 ~ Starting.......0 XP,.....200 EXP, ...283 EGP,.....301 TXP,....258 TGP. Goal 1,300, at 7/6
Finished 501 XP and 541 gp and no items. Dec 12th, 2012

3) Umralar (blackwlf) ..................,,,.........Wayang Ninja 1.................................AWOL
305-336 ~ Starting.......0 XP,.....200 EXP, ...283 EGP,.....217 TXP,....186 TGP. Goal 1,300, at 7/6
Finished 417 XP and 469 gp and no items. Dec 1st, 2012

4) Parinon (Solitar) ........,,,.....................Human Fighter 1.................................AWOL
304-367 ~ Starting.......0 XP,.....457 EXP, ...612 EGP,.....441 TXP,....378 TGP. Goal 1,300, at 7/6
Finished 898
XP and 990 GP and no items. Jan 1st, 2013

5) Galandra Beiryn (soulnova) ........,,,..... .Human Ranger 2 --> 3
305-377 ~ Starting.2,054 XP,.....457 EXP, ..... 612 EGP,...792 TXP,..792 TGP. Goal 3,300, 72 days Jan 11th at 11/11
377-435 ~ Starting.3,303 XP,...1352 EXP, .1,590.3 EGP,...870 TXP,..986 TGP. Goal 6,000, 58 days at 15/17
Finished 5,525 XP and 3,935 GP and 3 SP and (3 charges of CLW healing). March 10th, 2013 finished game.

6) Amien Thrus (Det) ........,,,.................. Human Barbarian 1 --> 2
310-394 ~ Starting.......0 XP,.....942 EXP, ..1,169 EGP,.....588 TXP,....504 TGP. Goal 1,300, 84 days Jan 28th at 7/6
394-435 ~ Starting.1,530 XP,....867 EXP, ...1,033.3 EGP,..451 TXP,....451 TGP. Goal 3,300, 41 days at 11/11
Finished 2,848 XP and 3,157 GP and 3 SP and no items.
March 10th, 2013 finished game.

7) Tirithon (Axios) ........,,,.................. Human Barbarian 1+leveled..................AWOL
375-413 ~ Starting....,...0 XP,...1152 EXP, ..1390.3 EGP,......266 TXP,...228 TGP. Goal 1,300, 38 days Feb 16th, at 7/6
Finished 1,418 XP and 1618 GP and 3 SP and no items. Feb 16th, 2013

Updated March 10th, 2013 (DoY=435 (366+69))

[sblock=Encounters] 11/25 - 11/30 ~ 2 Skum ~ 2xCR2 = 1200 XP/6 or 200 XP each, 283 gp each treasure due later
12/15 - 12/27 ~ Rowboat of Pirates ~ 1xCR2+3xCR1 = 1800 XP/7 or 257 XP each, 329 gp each treasure due later
1/3 - 1/28 ~ ghost ship ruse ~ 5xCR1+1CR2+1CR3 = 3,400 XP/7 or 485 XP each, 557 gp each treasure due later
1/11 Galandra levels on TXP, applies level up at end of fight on 1/28.
2/5 - 2/16 ~ fake lighthouse ~ 1CR3+2CR1+2CR1/2 = 2,000 XP/3 or 667 XP each, 833.3 gp each treasure due
2/16 Tirithon levels on EXP, applies level up at on 2/16.
2/20 - 2/28 ~ my eyes, my eyes trap ~ 1CR1 = 400 XP/2 or 200 XP each, 200 gp each treasure due

NPCs get their split of XP/gold if they participated in the combat, so they diluted the rewards quite a bit. The Big Hack caused several players to give up and disappear. Others simply trickled away due to real life interference.
Participants for encounters:
2 Skum ~ Dyre, Anya, Umralar, Parinon, Galandra, Amien
Rowboat ~ Parinon, Galandra, Amien, First mate, Sailor 2, Sailor 3, Sailor 4
Ghost Ship ~ Galandra, Amien, Tirithon, Captain Ironjaw, First mate, Sailor 2, Sailor 3
Fake Lighthouse ~ Galandra, Amien, Tirithon
My Eyes, My Eyes ~ Galandra, Amien

Siren Blackreef and two henchmen were captured and returned to Venza in chains to stand trial.
[sblock=Treasure]....30 gp ~ 2 tridents,
......2 gp ~ 2 boarding hooks,
none from the first night pirates,
.....5 gp ~ spring loaded wrist sheath
...50 gp ~ potion of cure light wounds
....5 gp ~ spring loaded wrist sheath
..20 gp ~ Alchemist's Fire flask
720 gp ~ Campfire Bead
..25 gp ~ Water purification sponge
..10 gp ~ Compass
...4 gp ~ 2 sunrods
930 gp ~ 3 masterwork battleaxes
520 gp ~ Brooch of Shielding (35 HP left)
180 gp ~ Wand of Mage Armor (12 charges left)
105 gp ~ Wand of Cure Light Wounds (7 charges left)
300 gp ~ +2 STR composite longbow
500 gp ~ MW +1 STR composite longbow
..85 gp ~ MW lockpicks
315 gp ~ MW Cutlass
350 gp ~ MW battleaxe
70 gp ~ 2 crossbows

All items sold into the Mystic Pearl for cash. Highlighted Items will be added to standing inventory.
[/sblock][sblock=Consumables Used]3 CLW charges from the captain's wand
[/sblock][sblock=Abbreviations]DoY = Day of Year, used to simplify time accounting. See http://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/julian_calendar.shtml and remember we are currently in a leap year.
EXP = Encounter based XP
EGP = Encounter based Gold Pieces equivalent (loot)
TXP = Time based XP earned
TGP = Time based GP earned[/sblock]
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Satin Knights

First Post
[sblock=Marching Order] Single File ...............Double Wide.................Watches

If you have a standard procedure for opening a door, we will put it in here too, so as to speed repetitive issues like that.[/sblock][sblock=Major Personalities][/sblock][sblock=Notes][/sblock][sblock=Intended Time]This adventure is short and should probably run about 3-4 months. The characters might or might not level to second by the end depending on how many optional battles are entered. This adventure has multiple paths to solve the problem, so plans will be fluid and reacting to what you do.[/sblock][sblock=Difficulty]I get annoyed with 1-2 round fights. This adventure is going to be difficult, maybe even brutal. Major NPCs will be fully stat'd out and played intelligently. Expect an uphill battle. You are newbies after all. :p [/sblock][sblock=Posting rate]I am hoping to keep an 'at least once in 24 hours' posting rate going. When we are in combat, after about 36 hours, I may NPC your action to keep the flow going. In other words, this will be a very fast game in PbP terms. If you can only check in twice a week, this particular game isn't for you. Of course, I will lapse in the timing occasionally, but at least you know my goals.[/sblock][sblock=Adventure Rules]Liberally adapted from others who do this better than I do, since this is my third PbP seat in the GM's chair:

* I prefer the use of [ sblock=OOC ] instead of [ OOC ]. It does a better job of hiding the 'out of character' commentary.

* Group initiative, rolled by GM. In the case where an individual member of the 'losing side' rolls better than all other individual members of the 'winners,' that character may act first in the initial round of combat (surprise or round 1). Otherwise, unless a players specifies that actions are to follow another character / event, actions happen in the order they were posted. More than 36 hours or so delay for posting during your turn in a combat may result in my NPCing your character to keep things moving.

* Feel free to use Invisible Castle or the EnWorld on-line dice rollers for your characters. In general, I may or may not be posting my actual rolls, or just results. I may use the EnWorld roller more than other GMs, so if the dice at the bottom of a post starts overwhelming, you can shrink that down to a text one liner by changing your user settings. Settings->Edit Options->Thread Display Options->Dice Roller Display->Streamlined. GM secret rolls like Perception and Stealth will usually be done by physical dice.

* If I need a knowledge check or perception check from a character, many times I will roll it for you and post the results immediately instead of asking you to roll, then waiting a day for a response, then posting the response to the roll. This is intended to speed up the game. Examples: Kn Nature to know you are fighting a shambling mound. Depending on what I rolled for you, I would include a spoiler block for the individual character as to the pieces of info he knows for battling that type of creature.

* I tend to post at any time of the day or night. I may post "mid-round" combat updates as needed or "short responses" to questions more often than the characters. If you're going to be away for longer than a couple days, please let me know if at all possible so we can arrange NPCing if necessary. I will generally look at your wiki character sheet for a "Intended next action" or "Standard Operating Procedure" near the top of the sheet for clues as to what to do.

* If you do not post for a week or more without notice, I may end up writing you out of the adventure. You will still receive your share of the XP and treasure earned as well as time XP and gp to the date of your last post.

* If your character gets enough XP to level they may do so at the end of an encounter. This grants the extra hp, but does not heal damage, and grants any additional spell slots, but not spells prepared. A caster capable of spontaneously casting could use these slots normally, a cleric could only use them for cure or inflict spells, a druid for summon nature's ally, etc. Prepared casters may prepare spells in these slots as if they had left the slots blank for the day, if they are able to do so. They can go through the appropriate spell preparation as if they had already rested if applicable. If you are adding a new class that requires special materials, like a wizard's spell book, please PM me a little ahead of time so I can work it in cleanly.

PS: My PM box hovers at 16 of 20. Too many projects I have to track.

* Mini stat blocks (preferably including a link back to the wiki page for your character) and a picture for maps are quite helpful. It is nice if you can colorize the major stats like Total HP, Current HP, AC, Weapon in hand.

* If you have an interrupt or immediate action ability, please list it in your mini-stat block so I can attempt to weave it into the bad guy's combat at the appropriate time the first time around. If you can take more than one AoO in a round, please list that too.

* I mess up sometimes. Everyone does. Feel free to point it out. I will try to retcon to fix if needed. Sometimes, I will need to use the "plot device or special circumstances overrides the normal rules" card. We're all here to have fun, so I'll try to do everything I can to facilitate. :)

* Sometimes I will earn the "cruel rotten bastard" title. There might be occasions where the cause has to play out for a week or two before you see the effect later and go, "Oh, that was worth it." I promise it will never be personal.

* This adventure is based on Wizards of the Coast's 3.5 Wreck Ashore. I am just mentioning it so no on joins a table top version of that game and then realize, "Oh, I am already playing this one."

I think I have overdone it by now, let's get started.

Satin Knights

First Post
A young man, grubby from long travel, makes his way in the front door of the inn and weaves his way through the patrons until he gets to the bar. This man is not carrying any gear that a normal traveler or mercenary normally would. After talking to Grog for a moment and getting a key from him, he turns and makes an announcement.

"I come from the village of Carinsharn. We need help."
*cough* "The supply and trading ships from Venza have not been making it to our small village for months now, and we are getting desperate." *cough* "We need to find out what is blocking the ships from getting to us before we run out of food. I need volunteers to sail with the next ship to protect it." *cough* "I will be interviewing back here." as he points to towards the back hallway. He heads to the back and unlocks the door, then peeks over his shoulder to see if anyone is following before going in.

In case the crowd didn't hear the announcement, the half-orc bartender Grog bellows out, "Greenhorns, ders work for ya. Go help da kid.", as he points down the hallway.
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Satin Knights

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It doesn't take long before he has volunteers. A knock at the door brings the first one. Opening the door, "Come in. Umm, have a seat. As soon as some more show up, I will give you the details."

He leaves the door open to encourage others to come in.


First Post
"Have a seat?" Dyre responds, his mouth pulls into a grin that he flashes toward the man. "Little trite. But it is tried and true I suppose." He makes his way toward one of the chairs, sitting down in it with a bit of gusto as he waits for the others to sit down - which surely won't be long.

"I do have one question though..." Dyre asks, leaning forward so his elbows rest on his knees as he looks toward the man. A bit of mirth finds its way to his eyes and he inquires of him finally, "Will we really get to be sailing the boat too? It really has been a while and my sea legs have found land too frequently."

[sblock=OOC]Wanted to test out the OOC command while I was at it.[/sblock]


First Post
"Well so long as I don't get strung up and swinging from the yard arm, then it's a good day." Dyre responds in kind to the young guy. He reclines a bit more into the chair as he awaits others who are surely right behind him. None-the-less, his curiosity is getting the better of him.

"Do you have grog on board or ale? What size of boat is it? Do you think we'll be able to stop by about 10-miles off, and a bit to the north-ish - I saw a mermaid their once." He then pauses for a second, he actually opens his mouth and looks confused for a moment. Really confused.

Slowly Dyre stands back up and motions with a finger for one moment, moving toward the door just as carefully. He opens the door and pokes his head out, quickly ducking back in and closing the door behind him. "There's a mermaid right out there! Well, forget the stop."

[sblock=OOC]How do I do a statblock...? Just create it by hand in the same fashion that I'm making the OOC comment?[/sblock]


Galandra hears the announcement and frowns. She immediately stands ups and follows to the back hallway. She already knows that the lives of the small people on villages are hard enough as they are.

"Good day, sir. If you tell me where to shoot, I will help you."

Short and to the point. Clearly, diplomacy is not her forte but if there's anything that needs to be put down, she's the woman you want.

[sblock=Mini Stats]

AC: 18 (Touch 12, Flatfooted 16)
HP: 22/22

Initiative: +2
Perception: +7/+9 vs Humans, Sense Motive: +2/+4 vs Humans,
CMB: +5 CMD: 17 Fort: +4 Reflex: +5 Will: +2

Masterwork Falchion +6 [2d4+4] 18-20
Dagger +5 [1d4+3] 19-20
+2STR Composite Longbow +4 [1d8+2] x3 (110ft)

Effects: Killer
Combat Feats: Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot

Conditions: None

In Hand: +2 STR Composite Longbow

Consumables: (20 Normal Arrows, 10 Masterwork Arrows, ), 4 days rations.

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Satin Knights

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"Um, I don't know what the target is. That will be your job to find out. I do know what we need you to protect. I hope that is a good start. Oh yeah," bowing, "Good day m'lady."

His sickly coughing persists as he looks back out into the hallway, "As soon as we get a few more, I will try to explain."

[sblock=ooc]Waiting on Anya, Parinon and Umralar to join the thread. Tor is welcome too, but I haven't seen his intentions posted yet.[/sblock]


First Post
Umralar walks into the room, muttering something about forsaken boats, and takes a seat.

"I hope you aren't expecting us to help run the boat, because I've never seen any body of water bigger than a river in my life."

Umralar (Sorry Soulnova, stole your statblock template)

AC: 17 (Touch 15, Flatfooted 12)
HP: 10/10

Initiative: +4
Perception: +7, Sense Motive: +1
CMB: -3 CMD: 11
Fort: +1 Reflex: +6 Will: +1
+2 to save vs Shadow subschool

Katana -1 [1d6-2] 18-20
Light Crossbow +5 [1d6] 19-20 (80ft)

Darkvision, 60ft

Combat Feats: Rapid Reload
Other Combat: Sneak Attack +1d6

Conditions: None

In Hand: Light Crossbow

Consumables: 10 Crossbow Bolts, 4 days rations.
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