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D&D General Luke Gygax and Troll Lord Games news Wednesday Aug 23rd 2023


I crit!
I'm not sure what this is about but with the new s that Luke has the rights to his fathers name again and knowing what the Troll Lords have worked on before this has me very intrigued and excited!

So maybe this is the first Luke Gygax speculation thread?

Get ready!!!
have a huge announcement planned for tomorrow (Wednesday 8/23) evening. You will be able to follow on TLG Twitch, Gary Con YouTube, as well as our other social media channels.

#garycon #garyconXVI #TTRPGs


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Moderator Emeritus
the news that Luke has the rights to his fathers name again

Is there a link to this announcement and details about how this happened? I missed this, though admittedly I have not been on ENWorld much lately (though I do follow Luke Gygax on Instagram and saw no mention there)


I crit!

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