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[M&M 3E] October 1962

Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
"The Titans have lost their original homeworld to the Amtorians," the program says. "Once we surface, I can attempt to re-establish communications."

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Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
"Immediately, if you wish," the program says. "Please stand within the circle while I reconfigure the shelter."

A glowing circle about 10 feet across near the center of the floor starts to pulse.


Gabriel finished off his food. To everyone else, he seemed indifferent to the news that they’d spent 10 years asleep. He just kept eating.

But eating helped him think. It gave him something to control. It kept him from freaking out on the surface.

He had wings. And he felt good. Better than he ever had before. As he moved his fork to his mouth, he noticed his bicep. It was solid. Much more than it had been the (relative) day before.

And that wasn’t all. His stomach was smaller, he could tell. He had this fire inside him, a burning he couldn’t explain. Not a painful one, but a powerful one.

“There’s not much we can learn sitting down here,” he said as he finished his food. He stood and headed for the circle, slightly surprised at his confidence. He felt...in control, for the first time in his life. Like he WAS strong enough to handle things. It felt...it felt good. Even if he was shirtless.

He entered the circle and looked at the others. “You coming?”


New Falls, Washington

Sofia eyed the glowing circle warily. But if they’d been down here ten years...her little sister would be around...her age now! Now she was getting a headache.

“What are we going to find up there?” Sofia asked, stepping into the circle and joining the others. “Are our families still there?”

Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
"Now," says the program, "we save your world."

The light from the circle flares, turning into translucent cylinder surrounding the students.

"Initiate nano-reconstruction."

The shelter shimmers, briefly appearing to be thousands of cubes which fragment into thousands of cubes. The table, chairs, and food vanish. The walls disassemble and reassemble farther away, more than doubling the size of the shelter. Other walls appear along with doors and furniture. The space around the column becomes a circular room. The ceiling rises, and stairs spiral around the central room, leading up to a second floor.

"Nano-reconstruction complete. Time to surface."

The floor vibrates as the column of light and the glowing circle disappear. The students can feel the movement upward. After a bit more than a minute, sensation of movement stops. One wall of the circular room seems made of smoky glass, smooth and dark, about four feet high and six feet wide.

"Display exterior view."

The smoky glass flickers and an impossible scene appears on it.

first look.jpg

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