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[M&M 3E] October 1962

After a moment. Jennnifer says, "How? Why?" Then she cries, silently, unable to look away from the destruction. She does not really hear the others' reactions for a time.

OOC: I assume the statue of liberty isn't actually out there as we started in Washington state, right?

Is anything moving out there? The image has sea gulls.

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Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
OOC: The Statue of Liberty is there. That is what's left of New York City. Yes, things move: the waves, the seagulls, et cetera.


“You just hurled down to the center of the earth, turned into a crystal statue, turned back to human, was frozen in time for ten years, and woke up next to a shadowman and a bird man, and your question is “How’d we end up in New York?””

As Charlie first sees the scene he begins to laugh. The laugh is on the hysterical side, as if his brain can't fully comprehend everything that has just happened. As he laughs the dark fog billows more and engulfs his lower body.

"I was right, we're screwed. To top it off we might be the last people on earth." Charlie glances at Gabriel. "Or whatever we are now."


New York
Friday, January 12, 1973/1130

Sofia stared. “New York…” She pressed against the glass, staring at the flooded city. “How? What happened?” she asked. Her sister… Her mother...

Mark Chance

Boingy! Boingy!
OOC: Sorry for the long delay. Mea culpa maxima.

"Initial attempts to reestablish communications with other modules are unsuccessful," the computer says, "but I am picking up low-level electrical activity to the north abo
bird monsters.jpg
ut three miles away. We can be there in less than --"

The computer stops talking. The distressing view of what was New York City shifts, looking up into the sky full of dark, roiling clouds. More than a dozen indistinct shapes grow larger and come into focus. Monstrous bird creatures dive to the attack!

"We have hostiles incoming. Contact imminent," the computer says. "What action should we take?"

Nota Bene: Picture by Vinny Crow via DeviantArt.

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